Final Cut Pro X v10.1.x: Commercial Editing Techniques

Final Cut Pro X v10.1.x: Commercial Editing Techniques

Final Cut Pro X v10.1.x: Commercial Editing Techniques is an Intermediate level course on Video, produced by an expert, Ashley Kennedy. This course is a critical step for an individual who needs to get better at his/her Video skills. It provides you a thorough grip on Video, Video Editing, Final Cut Pro, Video, Video Editing and Final Cut Pro.

Free Download - Final Cut Pro X v10.1.x: Commercial Editing Techniques
Author Ashley Kennedy
Publish Date 10/28/2014
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 53m
Topic Final Cut Pro
Video Tutorials 24
Last Update N/A

Editing a concise and captivating, effects-driven commercial spot is a challenging and exciting endeavor. Every single moment counts. In this course Ashley Kennedy walks through the process of building a great thirty-second spot, from assessing pre-production materials to delivering to the client, with Final Cut Pro X v10.1.x. She examines the audience for the commercial, the timing and pacing of the rough cut, transitions and effects, and the final details like color correction that make your project look professional. Along the way, Ashley encounters and resolves creative and technical problems editors often face in the real world.

Note: This course was updated to reflect the changes to Final Cut Pro X v. 10.1.x. Although the course was not re-recorded from scratch, we updated the applicable movies by adding text overlays to guide you through existing changes. We also updated the exercise files to work with the most current version of the software. Please watch the “Understanding this update and using the exercise files” movie to learn exactly what to expect from this updated course. Working with an earlier version of Final Cut Pro X? Watch Commercial Editing Techniques with Final Cut Pro X v10.0.9.

Topics include:

  • What is commercial editing?
  • Understanding the product’s audience and intent
  • Marking the best shots
  • Laying out the visual structure
  • Building an audio foundation
  • Manipulating speed
  • Adding transition effects
  • Adding graphics, music, and voice-over
  • Delivering the project and receiving feedback

Final Cut Pro X v10.1.x: Commercial Editing Techniques : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 1s
  • Using the exercise files7m 22s
  • What is commercial editing?2m 33s
  • Getting involved early: The editor's role in pre-production3m 19s
  • Branding: Understanding product audience and intent2m 55s
  • Examining pre-visualization materials: The script and storyboard4m 45s
  • Taking a look at project assets4m 9s
  • Setting up the project5m 34s
  • Marking the best shots to prep the edit2m 58s
  • Building the audio foundation for the spot6m 43s
  • Laying in the visual structure for the spot4m 53s
  • Creating subsequences to experiment and flesh out content9m 1s
  • Focusing on timing and pacing5m 27s
  • Continuing the edit and working with compound clips4m 55s
  • Manipulating speed with stutter edits4m 18s
  • Adding transition effects5m 55s
  • Compositing layers within the spot5m 58s
  • Adding the final graphics, music, and voice-over5m 2s
  • Tweaking the spot to reach picture lock6m 28s
  • Color correcting for style11m 13s
  • Delivering the project and receiving feedback5m 49s
  • Next steps2m 42s

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