Exploring Photography: Shooting in Raw Mode

Exploring Photography: Shooting in Raw Mode

Exploring Photography: Shooting in Raw Mode is an Advanced level study on Photography, produced by the creator, Ben Long. This study is an absolute pillar for anyone who needs to excel in his/her Photography skills. It gives you a thorough grip on Cameras + Gear, Photography, Raw Processing, Camera Raw, Lightroom, Cameras + Gear, Photography, Raw Processing, Camera Raw and Lightroom.

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Author Ben Long
Publish Date 3/18/2016
Skill Advanced
Duration 1h 35m
Topic Camera Raw
Video Tutorials 27
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You hear experienced photographers say it all the time: shoot raw format to get the best quality. But what does “raw” really mean? Does it guarantee better image quality? And where does the DNG format come into play?

In this course, photographer and educator Ben Long shines a light on what it means to shoot in raw—and what it doesn’t. Learn the benefits of shooting in raw, learn when your camera’s RAW+JPEG mode makes more sense, and get insights into why some people prefer certain raw conversion software over others.

Topics include:

  • Does your camera support raw?
  • Understanding how a sensor works
  • Correcting and compressing JPEGs in camera
  • Customizing JPEG compression
  • Understanding raw conversion
  • Working with raw files in popular photo-editing software
  • Shooting raw, JPEG, or both
  • Reprocessing old raw images
  • Choosing a camera

Exploring Photography: Shooting in Raw Mode : Video Lessons

  • Introduction to raw mode1m 28s
  • Exploring whether your camera supports raw3m 53s
  • Understanding the primary colors of light1m 37s
  • Exploring how a digital sensor captures an image3m 20s
  • Understanding how an image sensor sees color3m 40s
  • What is a digital photo?1m 21s
  • Processing basic color5m 44s
  • Correcting and compressing a JPEG3m 12s
  • Exploring how JPEG compression works7m 2s
  • Customizing JPEG compression5m 45s
  • Understanding raw conversion software5m 15s
  • Getting under the hood of your raw converter6m 11s
  • Exploring nondestructive editing3m 39s
  • Working with raw files in Lightroom, Camera Raw, and Photoshop10m 49s
  • Exploring white balance and highlight recovery7m 51s
  • Understanding when to shoot raw or JPEG or both5m 53s
  • Understanding in-camera JPEG conversions1m 33s
  • Exposing raw images1m 37s
  • Reprocessing old raw images1m 6s
  • Understanding Foveon sensors3m 26s
  • Evaluating RAW, mRAW, and sRAW4m 33s
  • Choosing a camera5m 41s
  • Exploring next steps1m 12s

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