Excel: Market Research Strategies

Excel: Market Research Strategies

Excel: Market Research Strategies is an Intermediate level study on Business, crafted by the author, Michael McDonald. This study is a critical foundation for an individual who needs to get better at his/her Business skills. It provides you a strong understanding on Business, Spreadsheets, Excel, Business, Spreadsheets and Excel.

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Author Michael McDonald
Publish Date 3/20/2020
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 10m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 32
Last Update N/A

Curious about how to leverage the remarkable versatility of Excel as a marketing professional? This course shows you how. Join instructor Michael McDonald as he demonstrates how to use Excel in your marketing analytics workflow, explaining how to determine everything from what price a product can be sold for to what type of advertising is catching the attention of users. Michael demonstrates how to tackle demand forecasting with Excel, including how to interpret regressions for forecasting. He covers different methods of doing product pricing, how to approach A/B testing with Excel, and how to transform the results of a survey into quantitative regression data. Plus, learn how to calculate the lifetime value of customers, churn rates, and customer acquisition costs for your business.

Excel: Market Research Strategies : Video Lessons

  • Performing marketing analytics in Excel1m 3s
  • What is product demand?3m 10s
  • Measuring product demand4m 4s
  • Organizing sales data5m 3s
  • Seasonality in product demand5m 56s
  • Moving averages and product demand4m 34s
  • Price elasticity and product demand5m 57s
  • Predicting demand for a new product3m 11s
  • Regressions for forecasting5m 12s
  • Using Excel for regressions4m 55s
  • Demand forecasting caveats3m 17s
  • Product pricing basics4m 13s
  • Products with pricing power3m 59s
  • Products without pricing power4m 22s
  • Price or volume? The big trade-off4m 59s
  • Price differentiation and wholesaling4m 16s
  • Advertising attribution and identity5m 36s
  • Hedonic shoppers and price4m 59s
  • A/B testing and Excel5m 49s
  • Online survey marketing research2m 55s
  • Interpreting survey results2m 53s
  • Forecasting propensity to buy3m 39s
  • Statistics with survey groups5m
  • Regressions and survey data5m 36s
  • Purchase intent and price4m 16s
  • Cost-per-click and customer value4m 33s
  • Lifetime customer value5m 13s
  • Customer churn calculations3m 24s
  • Customer acquisition cost2m 41s
  • Waterfall charts and marketing variance2m 30s
  • Interpreting variance walk charts2m 24s
  • Applying Excel to market research1m 5s

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