Enhancing Underwater Photos with Photoshop

Enhancing Underwater Photos with Photoshop

Enhancing Underwater Photos with Photoshop is an Advanced level course on Photography, written by the creator, Deke McClelland. This course is an essential pillar for an individual who needs to excel in his/her Photography expertise. It gives you a thorough grip on Color Correction, Photography, Video, Photoshop, Color Correction, Photography, Video and Photoshop.

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Author Deke McClelland
Publish Date 3/11/2015
Skill Advanced
Duration 5h 59m
Topic Color Correction
Video Tutorials 70
Last Update N/A

Getting a great underwater shot isn’t easy. The dives are short, the fish move fast, and colors are filtered away by the water between your lens and the subject. You can bring back the full glory of sea life, though, by using the tools in Photoshop. In this course, expert Deke McClelland takes pictures from a recent dive in Honduras—where he captured jellyfish, angelfish, parrotfish, sea turtles, octopi, moray eels, fire worms, and even a passing reef shark—and makes the images even more incredible with Photoshop’s photo editing and enhancement tools. Learn how to correct contrast, enhance color, sharpen moving targets, correct distortion, and develop black-and-white versions of your images, as well as movies and animated GIFs. It’s an ocean of creative possibilities—as only Photoshop can offer. Watch and learn how to take your underwater photography to even greater depths.

Topics include:

  • Selecting the best frame of a fish in motion
  • Correcting contrast
  • Enhancing clarity
  • Bringing out color and beauty in Camera Raw
  • Sharpening a moving target with Shake Reduction
  • Correcting lens distortion
  • Developing black-and-white versions of underwater photos
  • Creating a looping movie or animated GIF
  • Framing macro shots
  • Simulating depth of field with Gaussian Blur

Enhancing Underwater Photos with Photoshop : Video Lessons

  • Photoshop, the star of the undersea world3m 8s
  • Gear that I used: The SeaLife DC1400 and the GoPro HERO4 Black2m 28s
  • Selecting a frame from a GoPro movie5m 33s
  • Correcting contrast with the Overlay blend mode4m 59s
  • Turning the ocean a true Caribbean blue7m 44s
  • Enhancing clarity with the High Pass filter6m 44s
  • Cropping an image that can't be harmed5m 14s
  • Selecting the best frame of a fish in motion4m 17s
  • Permanently (and fearlessly) upsampling an image8m 43s
  • Bringing out color and beauty in Camera Raw8m 48s
  • Sharpening a moving target with Shake Reduction4m 38s
  • Smoothing edges on a channel-by-channel basis8m 45s
  • Parrotfish: The colorful keepers of the coral1m 39s
  • The quick-and-dirty fix: Auto Levels and Vibrance6m 56s
  • Recording the Auto Levels trick as an action6m 57s
  • Correcting GoPro lens distortion in Camera Raw6m 32s
  • Reining in (and rebuilding) hot highlights7m 3s
  • Enhancing the fish's dramatic eye8m 26s
  • The fish to end all fish21s
  • Correcting color, tone, and distortion6m 59s
  • Cropping in Photoshop, not Camera Raw4m 48s
  • Selecting and enhancing a smooth detail7m 36s
  • Painting away an unwanted diver9m 50s
  • Opening and cropping a movie in Photoshop3m 37s
  • Animating the position of a cropped movie4m 50s
  • Rendering the first edit of your movie2m 54s
  • Enhancing a movie with the Camera Raw filter8m 34s
  • The most magical reptile of all28s
  • Developing a turtle in flight7m 40s
  • Correcting color balance on a color-by-color basis6m 54s
  • Bringing out the detail in a turtle's eye5m 7s
  • Working from the last-applied settings4m 59s
  • Developing a black-and-white turtle7m 3s
  • The best way to sepia-tone a photograph8m 31s
  • Healing away unwanted elements7m 44s
  • Content-aware smoothing with Color Adaptation6m 34s
  • Night of the invertebrates44s
  • Developing multiple octopuses at a time7m 38s
  • Combining High Pass with Linear Light6m 4s
  • Merging two photos into one Facebook-friendly image9m 16s
  • Adding black borders and white margins6m 4s
  • Don't play with the eels!33s
  • First, we develop a still frame6m 20s
  • Editing a seamlessly looping, six-second movie7m 35s
  • Color balancing and sharpening the movie7m 55s
  • Exporting a seamlessly looping animated GIF5m 33s
  • Preparing a movie to post on Vine4m 56s
  • How a shark-dive works47s
  • Developing a once-in-a-lifetime shark photo8m 56s
  • Cropping, straightening, and centering the shark2m 17s
  • Rebuilding missing details with Content-Aware5m 35s
  • Zooming in and out of a movie in post8m 23s
  • Panning and pivoting with Transform keyframes7m 31s
  • Sweetening the shark movie in Camera Raw7m 32s
  • Adding a soundtrack and a fade to black6m 38s
  • Adding titles to your movie6m 57s
  • Animating a title and speeding up the render8m 8s
  • Zooming and framing a macro shot4m 57s
  • Adjusting levels one channel at a time5m 46s
  • Smoothing an oversharp image with High Pass3m 35s
  • Simulating depth of field with Gaussian Blur4m 47s
  • Four tips for underwater photography1m 52s

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