Enhancing Photos with Perfectly Clear

Enhancing Photos with Perfectly Clear

Enhancing Photos with Perfectly Clear is an Intermediate level course on Design, written by an expert, Richard Harrington. This course is an essential foundation for an individual who needs to get better at his/her Design skills. It provides you a thorough grip on Color, Design, Photography, Raw Processing, Plugin, Perfectly Clear, Color, Design, Photography, Raw Processing, Plugin and Perfectly Clear.

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Author Richard Harrington
Publish Date 1/11/2016
Skill Intermediate
Duration 3h 16m
Topic Color
Video Tutorials 53
Last Update N/A

Learn how to enhance your images with Perfectly Clear. This plugin for Photoshop and Lightroom analyzes photos and makes corrections by combining image analysis and customized user settings. In this course, Rich Harrington shows how to enhance photos and fix common problems for a wide range of images using Perfectly Clear’s presets and manual adjustment tools. Start watching to learn how to correct exposure, enhance color, sharpen details, retouch portraits, and develop raw files. Plus, get an inside look at the Lucid standalone apps, which harness the power of Perfectly Clear’s one-click image adjustments for iOS devices and Windows and Mac computers.

Topics include:

  • Installing Perfectly Clear
  • Applying Perfectly Clear in Photoshop and Lightroom
  • Choosing presets
  • Refining adjustments manually
  • Controlling exposure
  • Restoring and removing color
  • Sharpening images
  • Removing noise
  • Retouching skin, eyes, and other features
  • Working with raw files
  • Using the Lucid desktop and mobile apps

Enhancing Photos with Perfectly Clear : Video Lessons

  • Welcome2m 15s
  • How to use this course1m 12s
  • Exercise files51s
  • Installing Perfectly Clear for Photoshop4m 10s
  • Installing Perfectly Clear for Lightroom4m 12s
  • Installing Lucid1m 14s
  • Applying Perfectly Clear in Photoshop3m 8s
  • Applying Perfectly Clear in Lightroom3m 17s
  • Working with the preset chooser6m 20s
  • Comparing images4m 11s
  • Refining adjustments with manual controls4m 11s
  • Targeting Perfectly Clear with selection tools4m 25s
  • Controlling exposure4m 32s
  • Adding depth3m 44s
  • Refining skin and depth bias4m 50s
  • Quick presets to improve tone3m 7s
  • The logic and science of Perfectly Clear's color workflow6m 18s
  • Adding vibrancy to an image3m 54s
  • Restoring colors with standard and vivid fidelity3m 23s
  • Removing color cast with tint correction3m 15s
  • Quick presets to improve color4m 16s
  • How to sharpen an image6m 16s
  • Removing noise from high ISO images3m 47s
  • Removing noise from dark images3m 2s
  • Improving camera phone images4m 31s
  • Refining skin with Perfectly Clear4m 18s
  • Enhancing teeth with Perfectly Clear1m 43s
  • Removing blemishes, dark circles, and shine3m 34s
  • Enhancing eyes2m 30s
  • Shaping the face and eyes4m 13s
  • Quick presets to improve portraits3m 46s
  • Essential settings when developing raw files in Lightroom4m
  • Essential settings when developing raw files in Adobe Camera Raw3m 41s
  • Working with smart filters7m 3s
  • Advice on changing color spaces2m 30s
  • Saving a custom preset in Perfectly Clear4m 11s
  • Advice on automation3m 15s
  • Creating an export preset in Lightroom4m 25s
  • Creating a batch process in Photoshop5m 30s
  • What is Lucid?1m 29s
  • Opening images in Lucid1m 40s
  • Applying presets in Lucid5m 50s
  • Fine-tuning images in Lucid6m 2s
  • Cropping images in Lucid5m 11s
  • Saving and exporting images from Lucid6m 34s
  • Opening images in the Lucid mobile app2m 18s
  • Working with presets in the Lucid mobile app5m 40s
  • Refining adjustments in the Lucid mobile app4m 24s
  • Favorite recipes in the Lucid mobile app4m 18s
  • Saving and sharing your modified image in the Lucid mobile app3m 6s
  • Conclusion1m 7s

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