Empathy in UX Design

Empathy in UX Design

Empathy in UX Design is an Beginner level course on Web, produced by the creator, Cory Lebson. This course is an absolute step for an individual who needs to get better at his/her Web expertise. It gives you a strong understanding on Web, User Experience, Web and User Experience.

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Author Cory Lebson
Publish Date 12/20/2019
Skill Beginner
Duration 1h 10m
Topic User Experience
Video Tutorials 22
Last Update N/A

Learn about how to build your empathy skills and create a culture of empathy that enhances user experience and promotes product success. Author Cory Lebson starts by defining empathy and explores how it can help UX professionals, designers, and researchers understand customers’ needs and goals. He moves on to explain how empathy skills can be developed and discusses how to foster empathy and engage stakeholders with empathetic storytelling through the project lifecycle. Cory also covers why empathy is critical for effective user research and design, how to manage difficult emotions while remaining empathetic, and how to be an empathy advocate.

Topics include:

  • Empathy and user experience
  • Building personal empathy
  • Dealing with the pain of empathy
  • Empathy in UX research
  • Storytelling with research findings
  • Choosing methods to tell a story
  • Empathy for career success
  • Designing and delivering empathy

Empathy in UX Design : Video Lessons

  • Empathy and user experience1m 21s
  • What is empathy?2m 35s
  • How empathy relates to UX3m 3s
  • Where is your starting point?2m 8s
  • Empathy in life3m 27s
  • Empathy for customers/users2m 26s
  • Empathy through research and interaction2m 23s
  • Empathy for colleagues1m 49s
  • Dealing with the pain of empathy3m 11s
  • Going deeper: UX for good5m 25s
  • Choosing methods to tell a story4m 59s
  • Involve stakeholders in research3m 26s
  • In-person vs. remote research2m 39s
  • Example: Experiencing empathy in research sessions3m 43s
  • Managing emotional research3m 32s
  • Empathy through flexibility1m 50s
  • Going deeper: Empathy for career success4m 39s
  • Storytelling with research findings4m 13s
  • Designing with empathy4m 8s
  • Example: Personas5m 39s
  • Example: Customer journey maps3m 21s
  • Use your empathy for good55s

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