Empathy for Sales Professionals

Empathy for Sales Professionals

Empathy for Sales Professionals is an Intermediate level tutorial on Business, written by the author, Sophie Wade. This tutorial is an absolute pillar for a person who needs to excel in his/her Business skills. It provides you a strong understanding on Business, Business Skills, Marketing, Business, Business Skills and Marketing.

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Author Sophie Wade
Publish Date 3/16/2020
Skill Intermediate
Duration 48m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 17
Last Update N/A

Empathy is a key skill for creating deeper connections and relationships—the building blocks of sales. With empathy, salespeople can achieve a deeper understanding of what prospects are going through and connect better with existing customers. In this course, workforce innovation specialist Sophie Wade quantifies the effect of empathy on sales and shows sales leaders how to incorporate empathy into the management and training of sales teams. Learn how to use empathy to distribute responsibility and improve team performance, and help your reps deepen customer relationships and increase sales. Sophie also shows how to improve empathy on a division-wide level by creating conditions that help an open-minded, empathetic organization thrive.

Empathy for Sales Professionals : Video Lessons

  • Empathy in action1m 26s
  • Understanding why empathy matters2m 48s
  • Sales impact from using empathy2m 23s
  • Discovering how empathy works3m 5s
  • Leading with empathy2m 23s
  • Improving performance with empathy3m 7s
  • Distributing team responsibility2m 22s
  • Providing team empathy training2m 55s
  • Increasing sales using empathy2m 47s
  • Adopting key empathy habits3m 13s
  • Deepening customer relationships3m 9s
  • Promoting sales team results2m 19s
  • Nurturing empathetic relationships2m 57s
  • Bridging differences with empathy3m 13s
  • Encouraging open-mindedness3m 6s
  • Avoiding empathy blockers3m
  • Establishing empathetic sales habits3m 47s

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