Editing and Proofreading Made Simple

Editing and Proofreading Made Simple

Editing and Proofreading Made Simple is an Beginner level course on Business, written by the creator, Erin Rickard. This course is an important step for anyone who needs to sharpen his/her Business expertise. It provides you a thorough grip on Business, Communication, Writing, Business, Communication and Writing.

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Author Erin Rickard
Publish Date 11/30/2016
Skill Beginner
Duration 39m 31s
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 18
Last Update N/A

Most professionals can’t afford full-time proofreaders. With some simple tips and extra attention to detail, you can edit your own writing and make sure it’s as polished as possible before you hit send. Learn the five keys to effective editing, from checking content, spelling, and grammar to applying basic formatting. Find out how to apply these rules to emails, presentations, and blog posts—yours or someone else’s—and create style guides and templates to be more productive. Instructor Erin Rickard, a writer, professor, and long-time editor, also points out the most frequent mistakes writers make and provides tips for finding and correcting them.

Editing and Proofreading Made Simple : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 9s
  • What you should know28s
  • Exercise files23s
  • Check the content of the message2m 52s
  • Check mechanics: Spelling and grammar4m 36s
  • Check style and tone4m 42s
  • Check formatting2m 19s
  • Apply rules and shortcuts3m 18s
  • Email and blogs3m 40s
  • Editing your own work3m 1s
  • Editing someone else's work2m 36s
  • Frequently misspelled words2m 30s
  • Usage mistakes2m 33s
  • Errors of tone, style, and formatting2m 16s
  • Addressing sent or published mistakes1m 55s
  • Next steps1m 13s

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