DSLR Video Tips: Technical Knowledge

DSLR Video Tips: Technical Knowledge

DSLR Video Tips: Technical Knowledge is an Intermediate level study on Photography, compiled by an expert, Richard Harrington. This study is an important base for an individual who needs to get better at his/her Photography skills. It provides you a strong understanding on DSLR Video, Filmmaking, Photography, Video, DSLR Video, Filmmaking, Photography and Video.

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Author Richard Harrington
Publish Date 5/24/2016
Skill Intermediate
Duration 4h 7m
Topic DSLR Video
Video Tutorials 61
Last Update N/A

Do you want to become more proficient with DSLR video? Knowing the technical side can make it easier to set up gear, be more creative, and get your shot right on the very first take. These tips provide answers to the most common questions videographers encounter when shooting with DSLR cameras. Learn how frame size and frame rate, aspect ratio, codecs, cropping and compression, and the “exposure triangle” (aperture, shutter speed, and ISO) affect the look of your footage. DSLR Video Tips hosts Rich Harrington and Robbie Carman also help you troubleshoot common problems with video: when shots are too dark, too jittery, or impacted by rolling shutter and moiré. Plus, get tips on effective data management and setting up multicamera shoots for more complex productions.

Topics include:

  • Choosing a frame size and frame rate
  • Shooting 16:9
  • Cropping video
  • Adjusting aperture, shutter speed, and ISO
  • Mastering exposure
  • Avoiding rolling shutter and moiré
  • Checking focus
  • Managing data in the field
  • Transferring footage
  • Achieving critical focus
  • Setting up multicamera shoots

DSLR Video Tips: Technical Knowledge : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 8s
  • Frame size recommendations3m 36s
  • Exploring frame rate choices6m 16s
  • Frame rate recommendations4m 42s
  • Mixing frame rates4m 8s
  • Understanding color loss5m 6s
  • Understanding detail loss4m 13s
  • Understanding aspect ratio4m 14s
  • Why shoot 16:9?4m 25s
  • Composition matters3m 24s
  • Exploring the action-safe area4m 42s
  • The exposure triangle for low light3m 40s
  • Adjusting aperture2m 13s
  • Adjusting ISO2m 49s
  • Adjusting shutter speed2m 54s
  • Exposure1m 1s
  • The exposure triangle2m 40s
  • Evaluating the settings5m 21s
  • What is aperture?3m 29s
  • A DP's perspective on aperture45s
  • Evaluating the shots8m 19s
  • What is shutter speed?3m 58s
  • A DP's perspective on shutter speed1m 37s
  • What is ISO?5m 12s
  • A DP's perspective on ISO1m 52s
  • Controlling exposure beyond camera settings2m 44s
  • Adding light2m 54s
  • Adding filtration2m 3s
  • What is rolling shutter?5m 50s
  • Avoiding rolling shutter5m 37s
  • Moiré explained3m 10s
  • Avoiding moiré5m 1s
  • Shutter speed explained4m 44s
  • How can I check my focus?1m 27s
  • Zooming in3m 14s
  • Using a target3m 44s
  • Using autofocus at the start5m 12s
  • How should I manage my cards in the field?2m 16s
  • Using card wallets5m 33s
  • Mirroring your data7m 29s
  • How do I transfer my footage?12m 14s
  • Monitoring your footage11m 41s
  • Achieving critical focus2m 36s
  • Punching in on Live View mode2m 5s
  • Using a loupe2m 13s
  • Using autofocus before the shot2m 20s
  • Using a monitor2m 30s
  • Changing the aperture2m 12s
  • Scopes3m 37s
  • Reading the histogram2m 11s
  • Reading a waveform monitor2m 38s
  • Reading a vectorscope4m 59s
  • Preparing for a shoot with multiple DSLR cameras2m 10s
  • Scouting the location1m 16s
  • Lighting for multiple cameras48s
  • A DP's perspective on multicamera lighting1m 56s
  • Matching cameras55s
  • Doing a shoot with multiple DSLR cameras2m 21s
  • Positioning the cameras1m 2s
  • Syncing the cameras1m 2s
  • Directing the shoot56s

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