DSLR Video Tips: Software

DSLR Video Tips: Software

DSLR Video Tips: Software is an Intermediate level course on Photography, compiled by the author, Richard Harrington. This course is an essential foundation for a person who needs to get better at his/her Photography expertise. It gives you a thorough grip on DSLR Video, Audio for Video, Filmmaking, Photography, Video, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, DSLR Video, Audio for Video, Filmmaking, Photography, Video, Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro.

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Author Richard Harrington
Publish Date 6/14/2016
Skill Intermediate
Duration 3h 30m
Topic Audio for Video
Video Tutorials 44
Last Update N/A

Video production doesn’t stop in your DSLR. The next step to creating a cohesive story and look for your project takes place in post-production: in software like Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. In this installment of DSLR Video Tips, Rich Harrington and Robbie Carman provide tips for importing, processing, and editing single- and multi-camera footage with these powerhouse programs. They also show how to achieve a more filmic look with plugins like Tiffen Dfx and SpeedGrade, correct shaky footage, and assemble time-lapse footage from a GoPro. Plus, learn about some handy mobile apps for anticipating weather, scouting locations, recording audio and video on the go, and determining the position of the sun or moon.

Topics include:

  • Importing footage in Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro
  • Syncing and editing multicam footage
  • Achieving a film look
  • Boosting creative options with third-party plugins
  • Color grading in SpeedGrade and Resolve
  • Assembling a GoPro time lapse
  • Using mobile apps for site surveys and lighting

DSLR Video Tips: Software : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 9s
  • How do I import into Premiere Pro?1m 19s
  • Transferring from a card into Premiere Pro3m 55s
  • Importing footage into Premiere Pro6m 56s
  • Processing multiple-camera footage1m 8s
  • Organizing the media for Adobe Premiere Pro5m 36s
  • Syncing in Adobe Premiere Pro6m 20s
  • Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro9m 2s
  • Achieving a film look2m 36s
  • Post-processing to achieve a film look: Part 18m 45s
  • Post-processing to achieve a film look: Part 24m 37s
  • How do I import into Final Cut Pro X?59s
  • Transferring from a card into Final Cut Pro X5m 3s
  • Importing footage into Final Cut Pro X8m 51s
  • Organizing and syncing media for Final Cut Pro X5m 13s
  • Editing in Final Cut Pro X8m 40s
  • Post-processing to achieve a film look: Part one7m 20s
  • Post-processing to achieve a film look: Part two7m 3s
  • Taking a look at third-party plugins3m 21s
  • Exploring Tiffen Dfx filter plugins6m 59s
  • Boosting creativity with Tiffen Dfx looks4m 3s
  • Exploring the Magic Bullet Suite5m 45s
  • Taking your footage further with Magic Bullet Looks4m 46s
  • Achieving a film look in DaVinci Resolve3m 7s
  • Using Resolve presets4m 29s
  • Color grading from scratch7m 29s
  • Achieving a filmic look3m 58s
  • Using SpeedGrade presets7m 34s
  • Why assemble a time lapse?1m 59s
  • Assembling a time lapse in Photoshop6m 36s
  • Assembling a time lapse in Premiere Pro7m 43s
  • Assembling a time lapse in After Effects5m 3s
  • Taking a look at shaky footage1m 45s
  • Fixing shaky footage in Final Cut Pro X3m 18s
  • Fixing shaky footage in Premiere Pro5m 46s
  • A quick overview of site surveys1m 25s
  • Anticipating the weather3m 11s
  • Taking panoramic site photos with Occipital 360 Panorama3m 46s
  • Collecting location information with PANASCOUT2m 48s
  • Portable and mobile pro audio to go3m 36s
  • Scouting the lighting situation on location1m 10s
  • Using LightTrac to determine sun or moon position2m 12s
  • Using Sun Seeker to track sun or moon position3m 2s
  • Determining the position of the sun or moon with Focalware2m 37s

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