DSLR Video Tips: Lighting

DSLR Video Tips: Lighting

DSLR Video Tips: Lighting is an Intermediate level study on Photography, produced by the author, Richard Harrington. This study is a critical base for a person who needs to excel in his/her Photography skills. It gives you a strong understanding on DSLR Video, Audio for Video, Filmmaking, Photography, Video, DSLR Video, Audio for Video, Filmmaking, Photography and Video.

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Author Richard Harrington
Publish Date 6/7/2016
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 43m
Topic Audio for Video
Video Tutorials 27
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Every video professional knows the need for good lighting. Many elevate it to an artform. But sometimes you need to resolve technical challenges just to get the shot. This installment of DSLR Video Tips provides simple solutions to the most common video lighting challenges. Rich Harrington and Robbie Carman provide step-by-step instructions for attaching lights to a camera, controlling exposure and depth of field in brightly lit locations, dealing with backlit subjects, working with available light, lighting without on-site electricity, and enhancing lighting in post-production with tools like Premiere Pro and SpeedGrade. Using these tips, you’ll be able to shape the direction and intensity of the light to achieve just the look and feel you want for your scene.

Topics include:

  • Moving lights off-center
  • Controlling exposure in bright areas
  • Using ND filters and matte boxes
  • Overpowering a backlight
  • Maximizing available light with reflectors and shiny boards
  • Using battery-operated LEDs and flashlights
  • Enhancing shots in post-production

DSLR Video Tips: Lighting : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 10s
  • Can I attach lights to the camera?4m 57s
  • Moving lights off-center3m 42s
  • Exposure2m 21s
  • The impact of sensor size2m 25s
  • ND filter2m 51s
  • Variable ND filter3m 4s
  • Matte box3m 39s
  • Evaluating the results5m 29s
  • Backlit subjects in production2m 20s
  • Shooting "in the middle"2m 23s
  • Overpowering the backlight1m 29s
  • Evaluating the result4m 16s
  • Lighting with available light2m 23s
  • Calculating the sun's position2m 7s
  • Reflectors1m 42s
  • Shiny boards1m 31s
  • Lighting with alternate sources3m 3s
  • Battery-operated LED lights2m 15s
  • Using an inverter2m 28s
  • Using a generator1m 19s
  • Flashlights and GL-11m 28s
  • Backlit subjects in post-production1m 54s
  • Looking at scopes5m 20s
  • Enhancing the shots4m 50s
  • Enhancing with SpeedGrade9m 31s
  • Enhancing with plugins9m 46s

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