DSLR Video Tips: Cameras & Lenses

DSLR Video Tips: Cameras & Lenses

DSLR Video Tips: Cameras & Lenses is an Intermediate level tutorial on Photography, created by an expert, Richard Harrington. This tutorial is an important foundation for a person who needs to sharpen his/her Photography talent. It provides you a thorough grip on DSLR Video, Filmmaking, Photography, Video, DSLR Video, Filmmaking, Photography and Video.

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Author Richard Harrington
Publish Date 5/10/2016
Skill Intermediate
Duration 8h 13m
Topic DSLR Video
Video Tutorials 104
Last Update N/A

DSLR Video Tips covers the most common questions videographers encounter when shooting and editing with DSLR cameras, from choosing a frame size and frame rate to understanding moiré. In this installment, Cameras & Lenses, authors Rich Harrington and Robbie Carman help you understand the different camera and lens options available for digital video. Learn about the difference between cropped (or micro 4/3rds) and full-sized sensors, prime vs. zoom lenses, and shooting with a Canon, Nikon, Blackmagic, iPhone, or GoPro. Rich and Robbie also cover basic camera maintenance, and techniques for capturing slow-motion video, matching shots, and getting great footage of products.

Topics include:

  • Choosing a memory card and batteries
  • How to avoid lens flare
  • Working with a prime or zoom lens
  • Shooting with a Canon, Go Pro, iPhone, Blackmagic, or Nikon camera
  • Identifying why footage is out of focus
  • Cleaning a camera
  • Shooting slow-motion and time-lapse footage
  • Getting smooth tracking shots
  • Recording log footage

DSLR Video Tips: Cameras & Lenses : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 15s
  • Comparing sensor sizes3m 43s
  • Why choose a cropped sensor4m 40s
  • Why choose a full sensor3m 45s
  • Understanding card speeds8m 59s
  • Shooting video6m 42s
  • Shooting time lapse7m 26s
  • What are prime lenses?3m 21s
  • Exploring low-light performance3m 2s
  • Working with shallow depth of field4m 31s
  • Examining cost issues5m 30s
  • Avoiding lens flare2m 8s
  • Using a lens hood2m 46s
  • Using a matte box4m 15s
  • Exploring other strategies for avoiding lens flares3m 17s
  • Blackmagic Cinema Camera3m 44s
  • Things to look out for6m 10s
  • Recording with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera2m 15s
  • Focusing with a Cinema Camera3m 17s
  • Evaluating the shots3m 5s
  • Cinema Camera RAW workflow4m 38s
  • Benefits of mirrorless cameras2m 48s
  • Mirrorless workflow2m 41s
  • Evaluating the footage from a mirrorless camera4m 30s
  • How DSLR viewfinders react when recording video2m 11s
  • Understanding live view6m 58s
  • Is the Canon 6D right for me?2m 36s
  • Beneficial features of the Canon 6D3m 41s
  • Drawbacks of the Canon 6D4m 21s
  • Menu options of the Canon 6D11m 59s
  • The dangers of tiny screens1m 22s
  • How to set focus before recording6m 14s
  • DSLR recording time limits4m 10s
  • Legal limits for video recording6m 28s
  • How do I rack focus?1m 47s
  • Using a prime lens8m 22s
  • Using a zoom Lens9m 13s
  • Using a follow focus7m 6s
  • How do I clean my camera?2m 55s
  • Keeping the lens clean7m 48s
  • Cleaning the sensor8m 2s
  • Performing a wet sensor cleaning4m 11s
  • Shooting with an iPhone 5s2m 58s
  • Shooting slow motion3m 11s
  • Accessing footage3m 17s
  • Assembling footage3m 48s
  • How do I get slow-motion footage?1m 50s
  • Setting up slow motion in camera settings4m 57s
  • Slow motion in Final Cut Pro X6m 17s
  • Slow motion in Premiere Pro3m 57s
  • Slow motion in After Effects6m 57s
  • Is the Nikon D600 right for me?2m 38s
  • Beneficial features of the Nikon D6006m 4s
  • Drawbacks of the Nikon D6003m 45s
  • Menu options of the Nikon D6008m 50s
  • How many batteries do I need?1m 27s
  • Power or no power4m 6s
  • Other batteries to consider6m 35s
  • Strategies for lengthening battery life5m 11s
  • Why does my exposure change with a zoom lens?1m 21s
  • Understanding f-stop2m 58s
  • Strategies for dealing with exposure changes5m 42s
  • The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera4m 38s
  • What to look out for5m 3s
  • Pocket Cinema Camera workflow3m 51s
  • What is a GoPro?2m 35s
  • The GoPro bodies3m 53s
  • Essential GoPro gear9m
  • Powering the GoPro6m 13s
  • Accessing GoPro menus3m 34s
  • Essential menu commands5m 44s
  • Shooting with a GoPro mount5m 14s
  • Connecting a GoPro remote2m 46s
  • Viewing with a remote app3m 48s
  • Recording with a remote app3m 11s
  • Shooting time lapses with a GoPro2m 25s
  • Setting up the GoPro4m 30s
  • Accessing GoPro time-lapse footage4m 52s
  • Processing GoPro time-lapse footage7m 11s
  • How can I get smooth tracking shots?1m 42s
  • Walking the camera7m 55s
  • Using sliders and dollies8m 5s
  • Matching cameras1m 58s
  • Variables4m 22s
  • Calibration8m 42s
  • Matching log footage6m 30s
  • Matching ProRes footage5m 57s
  • Shooting in small places1m 44s
  • Using portable lights8m
  • Compact lighting1m 8s
  • Lens choices for small places1m 31s
  • Mounting the camera2m 11s
  • Remote operation4m 24s
  • Evaluating the results7m 5s
  • Shooting a product shot1m 30s
  • Building the backdrop1m 25s
  • Using compact lighting2m 59s
  • Cleaning the object1m 16s
  • Using a macro lens2m 25s
  • Using a turntable2m 22s
  • What is log?2m 40s
  • Why should you shoot log?6m 7s
  • Using a LUT with Dynamic Link8m 11s
  • Creating a LUT in Adobe SpeedGrade9m 8s

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