Digital Painting in Photoshop: Day for Night

Digital Painting in Photoshop: Day for Night

Digital Painting in Photoshop: Day for Night is an Intermediate level course on Photography, written by an expert, Steve Caplin. This course is a critical step for a person who needs to sharpen his/her Photography expertise. It gives you a thorough grip on Masking + Compositing, Photography, Photoshop, Masking + Compositing, Photography and Photoshop.

Free Download - Digital Painting in Photoshop: Day for Night
Author Steve Caplin
Publish Date 2/18/2011
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 46m
Topic Masking + Compositing
Video Tutorials 29
Last Update N/A

In this workshop author Steve Caplin teaches a range of techniques to change the background image in a photomontage, from time shifting to creating rain and water effects, from building complex reflections to lighting up windows. See how to use Adobe Photoshop filters like Motion Blur and Plastic Wrap to create a wide range of liquid and weather effects, how to add convincing shadows, and how to use dramatic lighting effects to bring a dull image to life.

Topics include:

  • Removing and replacing the sky
  • Turning the scene into night
  • Painting in a lamp
  • Adding shadows
  • Making it rain
  • Creating a building’s reflection
  • Adding puddles and streams

Digital Painting in Photoshop: Day for Night : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 33s
  • Removing the sky: Background eraser6m 34s
  • Background eraser: Correcting mistakes4m 5s
  • Removing the sky: Layer masks2m 11s
  • Touching up the layer mask4m 10s
  • Dealing with tricky areas2m 53s
  • Adding the sky1m 18s
  • Adding the adjustment layer2m 13s
  • Selecting the windows6m 42s
  • Lighting up the windows4m 37s
  • Scaling the lamp2m 58s
  • Painting in the light3m 56s
  • Scaling the figure2m 10s
  • Shading the figure4m 15s
  • Adding a shadow4m 10s
  • Creating the basic texture5m 33s
  • Drawing the raincoat2m 32s
  • Adding shading and texture to the coat3m 57s
  • Completing the coat4m 18s
  • Flipping the entire image2m 1s
  • Flipping the front section4m 55s
  • Flipping the side of the building2m 7s
  • Combining parts of the reflection into a group5m 11s
  • Adding filters to the reflection4m 49s
  • Adding a layer mask3m 27s
  • Drawing the water3m 37s
  • Adding shine with Plastic Wrap4m 32s
  • Distorting the view through the water3m 35s
  • Examining the montage2m 19s

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