Digital Media Foundations

Digital Media Foundations

Digital Media Foundations is an Beginner level course on 3D + Animation, written by the author, Maxim Jago. This course is an absolute base for a person who needs to excel in his/her 3D + Animation skills. It provides you a strong understanding on 3D + Animation, Audio + Music, Business, Animation, 3D Drawing, Design, Audio Foundations, Developer, Digital Painting, Photo Management, Motion Graphics, Digital Publishing, Computer Skills (Mac), Photography, Computer Skills (Windows), Video, Video Editing, Web, Web Design, Web Development, Test PTF-594-aaaa, 3D + Animation, Audio + Music, Business, Animation, 3D Drawing, Design, Audio Foundations, Developer, Digital Painting, Photo Management, Motion Graphics, Digital Publishing, Computer Skills (Mac), Photography, Computer Skills (Windows), Video, Video Editing, Web, Web Design, Web Development and Test PTF-594-aaaa.

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Author Maxim Jago
Publish Date 5/15/2017
Skill Beginner
Duration 2h 14m
Topic 3D + Animation
Video Tutorials 65
Last Update N/A

This course is for anybody curious about the mechanics behind the media seen on devices. If you’re a self-trained designer, photographer, CG artist, audio mixer, video editor, or motion graphics artist, you have a good grounding in the tools you use, and you know the results you want, but you might not know how the technology you’re using really works. It’s a transformational moment when you gain a deeper understanding of the way digital images, graphics, video, and audio work. Every day you’re adjusting pixels and sound waves that have been captured, created, or rendered digitally. Grasping what is really happening when you work with digital media allows you to improve your skills faster, communicate effectively, and collaborate more easily.

Get ready to remove the mystery behind terms you’ve encountered. If you work in a creative profession, this can enhance your command of the tools you use. Learn what a pixel really is, what color channels are, and what audio frequency is. Discover how color channels, bit depth, and video frame rates work. Find out the difference between codecs and file formats, and how compression is involved. By the end of this course, you’ll know how to answer common client questions—like, whether a logo should be supplied in vector or bitmap form, and more.

Note: Motion graphics in this course were provided by Chelsea Parrish:

Topics include:

  • What is a pixel?
  • Aspect ratios
  • Bit depth
  • Alpha and transparency
  • Light and color channels
  • Color modes: RGB, YUV, CMYK
  • Camera depth of field
  • Chroma Key and Luma Key
  • Blend modes
  • Color wheels, vectorscopes, and waveforms
  • Video compression and codecs
  • Frame rates and timecode
  • File formats
  • Histograms
  • Audio amplitude
  • Capturing audio tone as frequency
  • Audio timing using the phase

Digital Media Foundations : Video Lessons

  • Welcome2m 25s
  • What you should know before you begin2m 6s
  • The journey light takes from subject to screen2m 15s
  • What is a pixel?1m 44s
  • Binary, the language of computers1m 28s
  • Why do computers like binary?1m 35s
  • How 1s and 0s make larger numbers2m 43s
  • How bright is fully bright?3m 34s
  • Breaking it down into bit depth3m 46s
  • How bit depth mixes with color channels3m 32s
  • What's the difference between 8 bit, 10 bit, 12 bit, and beyond?3m
  • Understanding depth of field1m 50s
  • What difference does shooting stereoscopic 3D make?2m 20s
  • What are color modes?4m 1s
  • Computer screens like RGB3m 34s
  • Cameras and TVs like YUV2m 50s
  • Comparing RGB and YUV4m 3s
  • Printers prefer CMYK1m 57s
  • All about alpha: Adding transparency1m 51s
  • Masking areas of the picture with chroma key and luma key2m 44s
  • Reducing the burden with color subsampling3m 23s
  • High dynamic range: The biggest thing since color3m 1s
  • What are legal levels?2m 20s
  • Merging images with blend modes1m 25s
  • Pixel aspect ratios: Pixels have a shape too2m 4s
  • What is a frame and a field?2m 49s
  • Frame sizes, large and small2m 35s
  • Frame rates, fast and slow3m 37s
  • Measuring time with timecode1m 39s
  • Why do we use drop frame timecode?2m 30s
  • Showing frames on screens with their own refresh rates2m 40s
  • What is a codec?3m 37s
  • Small file, big picture: What is video compression?2m 32s
  • How much data is enough data?2m 40s
  • What matters most when storing color, light, and sound3m 34s
  • Delivery specifications: Working out how to deliver video and sound1m 36s
  • What’s in a file format?: Understanding .mov, .mxf, and more2m 41s
  • The magic of vector graphics1m 31s
  • What do color wheels actually show you?1m 50s
  • Getting to grips with a vectorscope2m 20s
  • Understanding waveforms2m 39s
  • Getting a little more detail with an RGB Parade1m 12s
  • Seeing an overview of the color and light with a histogram1m 26s
  • Natural adjustments made with color wheels2m 17s
  • Precision adjustments made with Curves2m 48s
  • Expanding (and compressing) the luma range with Levels3m 33s
  • Selecting exactly the tone you want with Color Pickers2m 53s
  • Creating space with channels4m 32s
  • Measuring the power of your sound with amplitude3m 15s
  • Capturing tone as frequency2m 22s
  • It’s all in the timing, or rather, the phase3m 8s
  • Goodbye1m 10s

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