Difficult Situations: Solutions for Managers

Difficult Situations: Solutions for Managers

Difficult Situations: Solutions for Managers is an Intermediate level tutorial on Business, produced by the author, Sara Canaday. This tutorial is an important step for a person who needs to get better at his/her Business talent. It gives you a thorough grip on Business, Management, Business and Management.

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Author Sara Canaday
Publish Date 2/7/2020
Skill Intermediate
Duration 27m 44s
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 10
Last Update 4/3/2020

Managing someone else is a privilege and a responsibility; you can’t be a passive bystander—you must be willing to engage and be ready to solve difficult problems. This course offers simple and effective actions to take when challenging situations arise. Dr. Todd Dewett and leadership expert Sara Canaday offer short and valuable advice to improve rapport with your teams, build stronger relationships, and drive business forward. Learn how to manage an employee who publicly disagrees with one of your decisions, deal with your high performers when you don’t always have the opportunities they want, keep track of virtual teams, tell your boss you’re overwhelmed without appearing incompetent, and more.

Note: Because this course is an ongoing series, viewers will not receive a certificate of completion.

Difficult Situations: Solutions for Managers : Video Lessons

  • Effectively disagreeing with your supervisor3m
  • The tough stuff of being a manager1m 19s
  • React to an employee who disagrees with you2m 34s
  • Redirect an employee who constantly points out the negative3m 7s
  • Candor and high performers with limited advancement options3m
  • Stay focused on strategic projects despite daily distraction2m 51s
  • Handling a promotion offer you don't want3m 9s
  • Handling private information you can’t share with the team2m 49s
  • Managing negative and harmful talk within the team3m 19s
  • How to signal you’re overwhelmed but not incompetent2m 36s

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