Developing Cross-Cultural Intelligence

Developing Cross-Cultural Intelligence

Developing Cross-Cultural Intelligence is an Intermediate level course on Business, compiled by an expert, Tatiana Kolovou. This course is an important step for anyone who needs to sharpen his/her Business skills. It provides you a strong understanding on Business, Business Skills, Career Development, Communication, Marketing, Business, Business Skills, Career Development, Communication and Marketing.

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Author Tatiana Kolovou
Publish Date 5/21/2016
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 6m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 16
Last Update 2/21/2020

Being able to work across cultures is an increasingly necessary skill for all employees. Communications expert Tatiana Kolovou helps you develop the cross-cultural intelligence to navigate cultural differences. She outlines the six primary areas of cultural difference, highlighting the differences between high- and low-context cultures. Once you can recognize the differences, she helps you use visual and nonvisual cues in the environment to inform your actions and respond effectively. The course closes with two scenarios that demonstrate how to apply the principles of cross-cultural intelligence.

Topics include:

  • Review the differences between high and low context culture.
  • Define individual culture.
  • Explore the differences between a direct and an indirect communicator.
  • Define a high status culture.
  • Define risk as it relates to culture.
  • Recall the scenario that best describes a monocronic workplace.
  • Review the characteristics of a person with a internal locus of control.

Developing Cross-Cultural Intelligence : Video Lessons

  • Working across cultures: A path of discovery1m 30s
  • Understand high and low cultures5m 51s
  • Individual and group-focused cultures4m 42s
  • Direct and indirect communication4m 42s
  • Status and equality4m 13s
  • Relationships versus rules5m 28s
  • Risk and restraint5m 8s
  • Time4m 35s
  • Locus of control4m 46s
  • Assess the situation2m 26s
  • Strategize your approach2m 35s
  • Take action3m 13s
  • Evaluate progress and get feedback2m 8s
  • The performance evaluation7m 38s
  • A Brazilian professional conducts business in London7m 4s
  • Action plan59s

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