Designing a Promo with Cinema 4D

Designing a Promo with Cinema 4D

Designing a Promo with Cinema 4D is an Intermediate level course on 3D + Animation, produced by an expert, Rob Garrott. This course is an important foundation for a person who needs to sharpen his/her 3D + Animation expertise. It gives you a strong understanding on 3D + Animation, Compositing, Photography, Video, Visual Effects, CINEMA 4D, 3D + Animation, Compositing, Photography, Video, Visual Effects and CINEMA 4D.

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Author Rob Garrott
Publish Date 6/30/2010
Skill Intermediate
Duration 7h 2m
Topic 3D + Animation
Video Tutorials 70
Last Update N/A

Join Rob Garrott in CINEMA 4D: Designing a Promo as he demonstrates how to create a 15-second promotional video that looks and feels like a professional advertisement. Learn how to use a combination of CINEMA 4D, After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator to go from concept to script to screen, creating sketches, adding animation, and rendering the final promo. This course focuses on real-world techniques, culminating in a finished, usable product. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:

  • Project planning, covering the scripting and initial drawings
  • Using hand-drawn artwork in After Effects to time the animation
  • Creating text and logo elements
  • Animating the camera
  • Organic modeling techniques
  • Rigging models for animating
  • Fine-tuning animation timing
  • Adding realistic textures
  • Lighting and shading techniques
  • Rendering and compositing a finished animation

Designing a Promo with Cinema 4D : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 3s
  • Using the exercise files1m 24s
  • Overview of the project template2m 37s
  • Creative brief1m 57s
  • Sketches and script3m 8s
  • Understanding the graphic animation process6m 7s
  • Understanding the animatic process2m 15s
  • Importing sketches into After Effects6m 20s
  • Timing out the animation10m 4s
  • Adding onscreen timecode for reference6m 26s
  • Creating text and logo elements in Adobe Illustrator6m 44s
  • Importing Illustrator elements into Cinema 4D8m 23s
  • Creating guide planes for modeling a rough shark6m 13s
  • Creating a rough shark model12m 14s
  • Preparing a dummy rig using a Spline Wrap object6m 27s
  • Setting up a project file for the cameramatic6m 14s
  • Animating the rough shark using the Spline Wrap object5m 14s
  • Animating the camera6m 8s
  • Duplicating an animated rough model to create a school of sharks11m 4s
  • Creating a preview movie and importing it into After Effects5m 45s
  • Assembling the cameramatic8m 34s
  • Fine-tuning the cameramatic timing10m 17s
  • Preparing for the modeling process6m 7s
  • Outlining the shapes using the Knife tool9m 50s
  • Creating the mouth using the Extrude tool10m 40s
  • Adding eyes using the Symmetry object9m 57s
  • Creating fins using the Extrude tool7m 11s
  • Creating the tail and dorsal fins using the Extrude tool10m 38s
  • Creating gums using the Symmetry object6m 45s
  • Creating teeth and finalizing the model8m 6s
  • Understanding the rigging process2m
  • Opening the shark mouth using the Morph tag5m 9s
  • Using XPresso to link the jaw to the Morph animation7m 56s
  • Using BodyPaint to prepare the model for texturing8m 22s
  • Applying color to the shark using BodyPaint6m 45s
  • Giving the shark character by painting in the diffusion channel5m 29s
  • Roughing the surface using the bump channel4m 34s
  • Texturing the eyes3m 51s
  • Texturing the teeth and gums4m 24s
  • Replacing the rough shark model in the intro shot with the finished model6m 47s
  • Replacing the rough shark model in the transition shot3m 43s
  • Replacing the rough shark model in the hero shot4m 28s
  • Replacing the rough shark model in the end page shot3m 42s
  • Updating the cameramatic with the final animation2m 44s
  • Creating an underwater look using Global Illumination and atmosphere9m 47s
  • Lighting the objects and creating shadows6m 54s
  • Shading the text using materials6m 28s
  • Creating a reflective floor for the underwater scene3m 58s
  • Lighting shot 1: Copying and pasting a lighting setup from another project5m 49s
  • Lighting shot 2: Pasting a lighting setup and making adjustments3m 57s
  • Lighting shot 4: Separate elements in a shot (the shark)3m 13s
  • Lighting shot 4: Separate elements in a shot (the text)10m 21s
  • Preparing shot 1 for rendering to After Effects6m 20s
  • Preparing shot 2 for rendering by saving and using render presets4m 45s
  • Preparing shot 3 for rendering2m 37s
  • Setting up shot 4 to render in two passes4m 4s
  • Performing a preflight check to ensure clips are ready to render2m 9s
  • Batch-rendering2m 12s
  • Importing assets and setting up the After Effects project for final compositing7m 58s
  • The intro shot: Using Photoshop elements and noise effects to add atmosphere8m 38s
  • The intro shot: Compositing in stock video footage to add character4m 51s
  • The intro shot: Adding text elements to the composite8m 32s
  • The hero shot: Controlling the look using precomps7m 59s
  • The hero shot: Using stock video footage to add character7m 18s
  • The end page shot: Combining multiple passes to form a final composite shot2m 41s
  • The end page shot: Adding text elements to the composite7m 44s
  • Compositing the transition shots3m 47s
  • Assembling the final composition9m 2s
  • Adding the final audio to the composition and rendering7m 10s
  • Goodbye21s

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