Design & Development Workflow with Framer X

Design & Development Workflow with Framer X

Design & Development Workflow with Framer X is an Intermediate level course on Web, created by the creator, Emmanuel Henri. This course is an absolute step for anyone who needs to get better at his/her Web expertise. It gives you a strong understanding on Web, User Experience, Framer X, Web, User Experience and Framer X.

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Author Emmanuel Henri
Publish Date 12/11/2018
Skill Intermediate
Duration 30m 25s
Topic Framer X
Video Tutorials 17
Last Update N/A

When the needs of UX designers or developers are lost in translation, the appearance of the final application often doesn’t match the original vision. Framer X boasts functionality that prevents these kinds of communication breakdowns by enhancing the workflow of designers and developers alike. This powerful design prototyping tool allows users to craft intricate designs, design responsive layouts, create interactions, and take advantage of interactive—and reusable—React-based components. In this course, learn how UX designers and the developers they work with can share a common workflow—and better understand each other’s language and needs—using Framer X. Emmanuel Henri dives into the designer to developer workflow, going over how React relates to Framer X and prototyping, as well as the proper guidelines to follow when creating designs for the web and mobile devices. He also covers the developer to designer workflow, showing developers how to work with a design system and use React components in Framer X.

Topics include:

  • The language of the developer
  • How React relates to Framer X and prototyping
  • Design elements for web and native mobile development
  • Exporting CSS and SVG assets from Framer X
  • Working with a design system
  • Using React components in Framer X
  • Customizing components in Framer X

Design & Development Workflow with Framer X : Video Lessons

  • Workflows with Framer X1m 9s
  • What you should know21s
  • Overview of the workflows1m 18s
  • Introduction to our base project46s
  • Overview of Framer X1m 15s
  • The language of the developer1m 37s
  • React and components overview1m 38s
  • Design elements for web development1m 46s
  • Design elements for native mobile development1m 43s
  • Practice: Export CSS assets2m 50s
  • Practice: Export SVG assets2m 32s
  • Design system introduction1m 50s
  • The language of the designer1m 28s
  • Work with a design system2m 11s
  • Use React components in Framer X4m 25s
  • Customize components in Framer X2m 25s
  • Next steps1m 11s

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