Deploying .NET Applications with Octopus Deploy

Deploying .NET Applications with Octopus Deploy

Deploying .NET Applications with Octopus Deploy is an Intermediate level study on Business, compiled by the creator, Floyd Hilton. This study is an important foundation for an individual who needs to sharpen his/her Business skills. It provides you a thorough grip on Business, Desktop Apps, Developer, Cloud Computing, IT, Octopus Deploy, Azure, Visual Studio, Business, Desktop Apps, Developer, Cloud Computing, IT, Octopus Deploy, Azure and Visual Studio.

Free Download - Deploying .NET Applications with Octopus Deploy
Author Floyd Hilton
Publish Date 12/9/2016
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 27m
Topic Azure
Video Tutorials 30
Last Update N/A

One of the most important pieces of a quality software process is the capability to automate application deployment. Octopus Deploy happens to be an extremely powerful and flexible deployment tool for .NET applications—and this course shows how to configure it to deploy .NET applications that are built with TeamCity and Visual Studio Team Services. Join Floyd Hilton as he teaches the key concepts of Octopus Deploy, including servers and tentacles, environments, targets, projects, and roles. Learn how to use variables to keep configuration separate from code, and control releases with life cycles and channels. By the end of this course you should be able to confidently integrate Octopus Deploy into an existing build and deployment process and start distributing applications with ease.

Topics include:

  • What is Octopus Deploy?
  • Working with the Octopus server and tentacles
  • Using variables to scope configuration items such as roles and targets
  • Installing and configuring Octopus Deploy
  • Deploying a sample application
  • Configuring a build server, adding a project, and creating a release
  • Controlling release flow with life cycles and channels

Deploying .NET Applications with Octopus Deploy : Video Lessons

  • Welcome48s
  • Why automated deployment?1m 13s
  • Typical build and release process44s
  • What can Octopus deploy?25s
  • Variable substitutions1m 27s
  • Octopus server and tentacles1m 14s
  • Introduction49s
  • NuGet packages overview33s
  • NuGet packages and Octopus44s
  • Environments, targets, projects, and roles2m 30s
  • Variables4m 17s
  • Install and configure introduction19s
  • Install Octopus Deploy in Azure6m 50s
  • Install Octopus Deploy on Windows Server7m 37s
  • Set up the environment and configure tentacles9m 27s
  • Configure with Visual Studio Team Services6m 1s
  • Configure with TeamCity5m 23s
  • Install OctoPack4m 26s
  • Configure build server28s
  • Add a project1m 30s
  • Set up variables4m 24s
  • Add a step3m 50s
  • Create a release2m 56s
  • Deploy a release3m 12s
  • Life cycles7m 38s
  • Channels7m 55s
  • Next steps24s

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