Delivering Video in Web Experiences

Delivering Video in Web Experiences

Delivering Video in Web Experiences is an Beginner level study on CAD, crafted by an expert, Tom Green. This study is an absolute step for anyone who needs to sharpen his/her CAD talent. It provides you a thorough grip on CAD, Content Strategy, Web, Web Design, Interior Design, After Effects, Media Encoder, Premiere Pro, CAD, Content Strategy, Web, Web Design, Interior Design, After Effects, Media Encoder and Premiere Pro.

Free Download - Delivering Video in Web Experiences
Author Tom Green
Publish Date 10/12/2018
Skill Beginner
Duration 2h 54m
Topic After Effects
Video Tutorials 40
Last Update N/A

Explore the evolution and best practices of video delivery on the web. In this course, Tom Green shows how to deliver rich video experiences with ease, going over key concepts that can help web publishers and designers keep their skills sharp. Tom begins by reviewing the somewhat unusual genesis of web video. Next, he reviews the most common video formats, including MP4 and 3GP; shares how to encode quality video that’s optimized for online delivery; and goes over the HTML5 code that enables these experiences. Plus, he shares tips for playing around with video, including how to create and deploy full-screen background videos, make your videos accessible by adding captions, prepare videos for social media, and more.

Topics include:

  • Key video formats used to publish on the web
  • Encoding video that’s optimized for online delivery
  • HTML5 native video embedding and interaction
  • Styling video components with CSS
  • Captioning video
  • Preparing video for social media
  • Using Dynamic Link

Delivering Video in Web Experiences : Video Lessons

  • Design web video experiences1m 8s
  • Exercise files1m 11s
  • History4m 19s
  • Browsers4m 4s
  • MP4 format3m 36s
  • WebM2m 30s
  • 3GP1m 33s
  • M4V1m 45s
  • The pipe3m 5s
  • Adobe Media Encoder overview3m 49s
  • Encoding an MP47m 57s
  • Miro Video Converter4m 33s
  • HandBrake4m 38s
  • Encoding from Adobe Premiere2m 58s
  • Fnordware2m 5s
  • The video element2m 17s
  • The source attribute3m 26s
  • Autoplay3m 20s
  • Adding controls3m 49s
  • Alternate content sources3m 15s
  • Poster frame2m 23s
  • Resize video3m 45s
  • Looping video1m 34s
  • Video in a box5m 47s
  • Applying opacity3m 41s
  • Text wrap4m 44s
  • Apply a gradient7m 44s
  • Rotate a video3m 18s
  • Animate a video7m 43s
  • Background video: After Effects8m 45s
  • Background video: Premiere7m 11s
  • Background video code5m 42s
  • Captioning video8m 30s
  • Cinemagraph: Photoshop6m 54s
  • Animated GIF5m 39s
  • Third-party controllers7m 26s
  • Preparing for social media3m 58s
  • Create a video for your Facebook page6m 57s
  • Using Dynamic Link5m 38s
  • Next steps1m 23s

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