DaVinci Resolve: Editing Basics

DaVinci Resolve: Editing Basics

DaVinci Resolve: Editing Basics is an Beginner level tutorial on Photography, compiled by the creator, Jeff I. Greenberg. This tutorial is an important base for anyone who needs to sharpen his/her Photography talent. It gives you a strong understanding on Color Correction, Photography, Video, Video Editing, DaVinci Resolve, Color Correction, Photography, Video, Video Editing and DaVinci Resolve.

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Author Jeff I. Greenberg
Publish Date 11/22/2017
Skill Beginner
Duration 3h 44m
Topic Color Correction
Video Tutorials 88
Last Update N/A

DaVinci Resolve isn’t just an amazing color correction tool; it’s also a full-featured editor. This course covers the key techniques editors need to transition to Resolve—and skip all the speedbumps. Video expert Jeff Greenberg introduces editing techniques such as three-point editing, drag-and-drop editing, and trimming in the Timeline. Then learn how to adjust audio using Fairlight, the powerful in-app DAW, and add transition and effects. Jeff then reviews the powerful color correction tools that Resolve is best known for, focusing on the features that are most useful to editors, such as video scopes. He also shows how to edit multicam footage using the MultiClip tool, and wraps up the course with a look at output and media management.

Topics include:

  • Resolve setup
  • Auto Save and Live Save
  • Starting a project
  • Importing media
  • Smart Bins
  • Editing clips
  • Deleting, moving, and swapping clips
  • Trimming clips
  • Adjusting audio
  • Adding transitions and effects
  • Correcting color
  • Output
  • Editing multicam footage
  • Managing projects and media

DaVinci Resolve: Editing Basics : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 21s
  • Note on screen size2m 34s
  • Using the exercise files1m 43s
  • Thoughts for FCP7 and Premiere users4m 25s
  • Thoughts for Avid users4m 13s
  • Thoughts for FCPX users4m 6s
  • System requirements for Resolve2m 21s
  • Quick tour7m 17s
  • Major difference: Project type1m 15s
  • Remapping the keyboard—or not1m 12s
  • Autosave and Live Save1m 21s
  • Starting a project3m 12s
  • Importing media on the Edit page2m 40s
  • Importing media on the Media page3m 55s
  • Display names and saving bin views2m 42s
  • Smart bins3m 1s
  • Clip Attributes1m 8s
  • Dual sync sound1m 53s
  • Notes for all editors1m 15s
  • Playing and marking clips5m 30s
  • First edits1m 34s
  • Insert, Overwrite, and three point edits5m 7s
  • Basic Timeline navigation2m 58s
  • Backtime edits and more6m 30s
  • Premiere, FCP7, and Avid thoughts1m 31s
  • FCPX editor thoughts1m 25s
  • Match Frame and Find bin2m 13s
  • Deleting clips3m 4s
  • Linking and how it affects clips1m 7s
  • Razor edit mode2m 3s
  • Copy and paste1m 7s
  • Moving and swapping clips1m 2s
  • Edit Index2m 4s
  • Editing thoughts for track based editors1m 38s
  • FCPX editing thoughts1m 14s
  • Trim mode means ripple4m
  • Tops and Tails4m 18s
  • Roll and extend edits1m 53s
  • Slip and slide2m 5s
  • Dynamic Trim1m 50s
  • Thoughts on trimming2m 54s
  • Adjusting clip volume3m 35s
  • Adding clip and track effects1m 23s
  • Audio dissolves2m 21s
  • A word about Fairlight3m 27s
  • Multitrack masters8m 50s
  • Thoughts on audio2m
  • Adding transitions8m 34s
  • Adding effects3m 36s
  • Opacity and built-in effects2m 39s
  • Dynamic zoom1m 45s
  • Keyframing3m 41s
  • On-screen controls1m 7s
  • Reusing effects1m 23s
  • Changing clip speed5m 43s
  • High frame rate clips2m 54s
  • Adding titles and generators2m 40s
  • Smart caching and rendering3m 18s
  • Thoughts on effects1m 38s
  • Moving to the color page4m 55s
  • Where are my scopes?1m 30s
  • Where are the color wheels?2m 21s
  • Where are curves?1m 25s
  • Auto correct and shot matching1m 59s
  • Nodes2m 37s
  • Workaround for effect keyframing2m 6s
  • Quick word on qualifiers3m 18s
  • Quick word on copying grades1m 19s
  • Quick word on LUTs1m 33s
  • Thoughts on color for the Premiere user1m 9s
  • Thoughts on color for the Avid user1m 20s
  • Thoughts on color for the FCPX user50s
  • Watermarking1m 59s
  • Output for YouTube2m 5s
  • Output in a master format3m 46s
  • Creating multicam clips2m 50s
  • Adjusting multicam sync1m 59s
  • Editing multicam3m 30s
  • Where is my project?1m 52s
  • Improving performance3m 1s
  • Building optimized and proxy media3m 34s
  • Project management and archiving1m 50s
  • Media management2m 25s
  • Closing22s

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