Data Visualization Tips and Tricks

Data Visualization Tips and Tricks

Data Visualization Tips and Tricks is an Intermediate level tutorial on Business, crafted by an expert, Matt Francis. This tutorial is an important pillar for an individual who needs to get better at his/her Business expertise. It provides you a thorough grip on Business, Business Intelligence, Big Data, IT, Data Analysis, Business, Business Intelligence, Big Data, IT and Data Analysis.

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Author Matt Francis
Publish Date 11/24/2016
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 14m
Topic Big Data
Video Tutorials 30
Last Update N/A

Data Visualization Tips and Tricks is a series of standalone lessons on how to do data viz the right way, every time. Presented by award-winning data visualization expert (and Tableau-designated “Zen Master”) Matt Francis, this software-agnostic course is designed for experienced data scientists and analytics specialists and serves as a must-have bank of knowledge and best practices. Learn how to choose the right visualization for your data, and answer the 5 key questions you should ask yourself at the beginning of every project. Topics include understanding the relationships between data sets, making comparisons, charting relationships, visualizing data distributions, creating maps, and—most valuably—knowing when to use which types of graphs and charts. Matt also teaches you how to understand what others are doing with their own visualizations, ask informed questions, and look with a critical eye at the work of others.

Topics include:

  • Explain the importance of data visualization.
  • Determine when an infographic or an exploratory dashboard would be most appropriate.
  • Identify the elements of a Gantt chart.
  • Recall the characteristics of four kinds of distribution.
  • Recognize the drawbacks of using a pie chart.
  • Explain when to use a symbol map.

Data Visualization Tips and Tricks : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 7s
  • What you should know31s
  • Exercise files1m 18s
  • Why visualize data?6m 34s
  • What kind of visualization should you make?3m 50s
  • Visualize comparisons in data10m 10s
  • Bar charts across categories2m 46s
  • Line charts over time4m 52s
  • Spark lines for important events4m 48s
  • Gantt charts and time difference4m 39s
  • Tree maps for long-tail data5m 6s
  • Highlight tables and heat maps5m 58s
  • Slope charts for change between dates3m 12s
  • Optimize dashboard layout with small multiples3m 31s
  • Visualize relationships in data6m 24s
  • Compare multiple variables within scatter plots5m 27s
  • Visualize data distributions5m 39s
  • Histograms for a single measure5m 17s
  • Box plots for multiple dimensions6m 29s
  • Visualize data composition4m 19s
  • Improve the use of pie charts5m 44s
  • Stacked bar charts4m 53s
  • 100% stacked bars5m 9s
  • Stacked area chart3m 26s
  • 100% stacked area chart2m 24s
  • Visualize geographic data9m 16s
  • When to map geographic data4m 21s
  • Compare filled maps and symbol maps2m 21s
  • Alternative techniques with tile maps4m 33s
  • Next steps53s

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