Customizing a WordPress Theme from an Adobe XD Prototype

Customizing a WordPress Theme from an Adobe XD Prototype

Customizing a WordPress Theme from an Adobe XD Prototype is an Beginner level course on CAD, written by an expert, Emily Kay. This course is an important base for anyone who needs to excel in his/her CAD talent. It gives you a thorough grip on CAD, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Web, Adobe XD, WordPress, CAD, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Web, Adobe XD and WordPress.

Free Download - Customizing a WordPress Theme from an Adobe XD Prototype
Author Emily Kay
Publish Date 10/17/2019
Skill Beginner
Duration 3h 1m
Topic Adobe XD
Video Tutorials 49
Last Update N/A

Explore how to take a static website prototype created in Adobe XD and transform it into a fully functioning website using a WordPress theme and plugins. Instructor Emily Kay starts with an overview of setting up WordPress for theme customization, then moves on to show which plugins are needed for the project. Emily covers how to make the content in your WordPress site closely match your XD prototype, including posts, menus, and images. Discover using widgets to extend your theme, see ways to promote your website, and learn about how to set up pages for best results with search engines.

Topics include:

  • Setting up plugins
  • Importing assets
  • Customizing settings
  • Making global modifications
  • Creating content
  • Managing a blog
  • Creating a contact page
  • Creating custom menus
  • Adding a carousel and parallax effect
  • Modifying a theme using CSS

Customizing a WordPress Theme from an Adobe XD Prototype : Video Lessons

  • Turn your prototype into a WordPress website51s
  • What you should know1m 35s
  • Overview of the exercise files1m 5s
  • Setting up your local environment4m 23s
  • Installing WordPress4m 45s
  • Installing your theme7m 15s
  • Choosing your plugins4m 23s
  • Installing plugins5m 34s
  • Deleting unneeded default content2m 48s
  • Modifying settings5m 42s
  • Adjusting user accounts3m 55s
  • Using the customizer: Layout6m 8s
  • Using the customizer: Colors and Type2m 58s
  • Using the customizer: Buttons and Homepage2m 25s
  • Creating a primary menu3m 24s
  • Creating a secondary menu4m 19s
  • Importing individual logo assets4m 18s
  • Batch import assets1m 45s
  • Overview of Elementor5m 30s
  • Creating a template footer6m 55s
  • Adding social media icons to the footer4m 4s
  • Adding a menu to the footer2m 49s
  • Adding icons to the footer5m 28s
  • Creating a template hero section6m 10s
  • Adding templates3m 8s
  • Designing the homepage: Header for desktop5m 31s
  • Designing the homepage: Header for mobile5m 9s
  • Building out the homepage sections8m 3s
  • Review other homepage sections1m 35s
  • Designing the about page59s
  • Add a map to the contact page3m 42s
  • Add a form to the contact page5m 6s
  • Post overview2m 21s
  • Editing posts2m 9s
  • Blog page setup4m 13s
  • Blog post type widget9m 14s
  • Formatting the blog pages1m 4s
  • Customizing the sidebar1m 9s
  • Activating WooCommerce1m 52s
  • Adding a product2m 21s
  • Adding a product with variations3m 56s
  • Integrating the Shop page2m 47s
  • Formatting a slide for a carousel5m 48s
  • Duplicating carousel slides2m 13s
  • Adding the carousel into the homepage1m 42s
  • Modifying the theme using CSS1m 55s
  • SEO with Yoast plugin4m 41s
  • Wrap up of the finished website1m 7s
  • Next steps1m 1s

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