Creative Slideshows with Aperture

Creative Slideshows with Aperture

Creative Slideshows with Aperture is an Intermediate level study on Photography, produced by the author, Richard Harrington. This study is an important base for anyone who needs to get better at his/her Photography expertise. It gives you a thorough grip on Photography, Sharing Photos, Aperture, Photography, Sharing Photos and Aperture.

Free Download - Creative Slideshows with Aperture
Author Richard Harrington
Publish Date 2/21/2012
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 18m
Topic Aperture
Video Tutorials 27
Last Update N/A

This course shows how to use Apple Aperture to quickly and efficiently create a slideshow to impress any audience, from family and friends to colleagues and potential clients. The course covers organizing and sorting slides; picking a visual theme and a music track; adding text, images, and video; inserting transitions between slides; and sharing a slideshow on the web, via Keynote or PowerPoint, and on mobile devices.

Topics include:

  • Rating and sorting images
  • Creating a Smart Album
  • Creating a slideshow with a preset
  • Adding a secondary audio track
  • Adjusting Ken Burns moves for individual slides
  • Trimming a video clip
  • Customizing transitions
  • Timing transitions to music
  • Playing back from Aperture
  • Exporting slideshows

Creative Slideshows with Aperture : Video Lessons

  • Welcome35s
  • Exercise files1m 11s
  • Why create slideshows?1m 17s
  • Using high-resolution previews4m 30s
  • Rating and sorting images3m 29s
  • Creating a Smart Album1m 27s
  • Arranging the order of your show2m 36s
  • Creating a slideshow with a preset5m 5s
  • Controlling a slideshow59s
  • Modifying and creating slideshow presets3m 52s
  • Creating a slideshow album and picking a theme5m 24s
  • Setting the default settings3m 19s
  • Choosing a music track6m 32s
  • Applying photo effects and text to slides2m 22s
  • Adjusting a Ken Burns move for an individual slide5m 26s
  • Adding audio to the secondary audio track4m 19s
  • Why use video?2m 9s
  • Trimming a video clip2m 9s
  • Mixing audio and adding effects2m 10s
  • Setting the default transition2m 41s
  • Customizing transitions for an individual slide1m 37s
  • Timing transitions to music6m 13s
  • Playing back from Aperture2m 27s
  • Exporting for iOS devices2m 22s
  • Exporting for Keynote or PowerPoint2m 37s
  • Exporting for the web1m 23s
  • Goodbye26s

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