Creative DSLR Video Techniques

Creative DSLR Video Techniques

Creative DSLR Video Techniques is an Intermediate level course on Photography, written by an expert, Ben Long. This course is an essential base for a person who needs to sharpen his/her Photography expertise. It provides you a thorough grip on DSLR Video, Photography, Video, DSLR Video, Photography and Video.

Free Download - Creative DSLR Video Techniques
Author Ben Long
Publish Date 12/5/2013
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 59m
Topic DSLR Video
Video Tutorials 25
Last Update N/A

Photo superstar Ben Long is back, but this time he’s focusing on the video capabilities of DSLR cameras. This project-oriented course follows Ben as he shoots, edits, and delivers a short promo video for friend and actor Stephen Kearin. He concentrates on creative composition during filming, and then returns to the editing booth to show how shot footage gets put together. The end product combines performance and interview footage (taken with multiple cameras) to tell a short, compelling story and help Stephen sell tickets, while illustrating important concepts like sense of space, passage of time, and the montage to aspiring filmmakers like you.

Topics include:

  • Why DSLR?
  • Planning the shoot
  • Deciding on gear
  • Setting up the workspace
  • Capturing B-roll
  • Synchronizing audio
  • Adding music
  • Color grading footage

Creative DSLR Video Techniques : Video Lessons

  • Introduction1m 36s
  • Why shoot video on a DSLR?3m 35s
  • Crafting the DSLR project idea2m 54s
  • Planning out the project logistics4m 7s
  • The structure of the shoot2m 47s
  • Lighting, audio, and an extra pair of hands9m 28s
  • Interior staging4m 59s
  • Shooting an interview as the foundation6m 10s
  • Shooting static footage of the subject at work3m 16s
  • Adding movement to increase interest2m 39s
  • Shooting rehearsal footage for the project7m 56s
  • Using creative techniques for documenting the rehearsal3m 52s
  • Shooting cinematic performance footage2m 51s
  • Shooting some details to work with performance footage4m 37s
  • Shooting additional B-roll for coverage2m 7s
  • Organizing the DSLR footage4m 23s
  • Synching audio with DSLR footage6m 48s
  • Finding the story in the footage8m 20s
  • Evaluating the first narrative cut decisions9m 37s
  • Adding cutaways to enhance the DSLR project6m 30s
  • Adding music to enhance the video project7m 14s
  • Color grading the final piece8m 4s
  • The final edited project6m 4s

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