Creating Panoramas with Lightroom

Creating Panoramas with Lightroom

Creating Panoramas with Lightroom is an Advanced level course on Photography, compiled by the creator, Richard Harrington. This course is an absolute step for a person who needs to sharpen his/her Photography talent. It provides you a thorough grip on Photography, Raw Processing, Lightroom, Photography, Raw Processing and Lightroom.

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Author Richard Harrington
Publish Date 6/27/2019
Skill Advanced
Duration 2h 11m
Topic Lightroom
Video Tutorials 55
Last Update N/A

A great panorama is more than the sum of its parts. A panoramic image can showcase landscapes and architecture in a way that a single image just can’t do. Luckily, the process of creating panoramas is easier than ever with Adobe Lightroom. You can combine multiple images into a new file and preserve the flexibility of raw photo editing. Additionally, by combining Lightroom and Photoshop you can get an advanced level of control over the final results. Rich Harrington introduces all these techniques, plus a workflow for creating high dynamic range (HDR) panoramas. Learn how to use the Photo Merge commands in Lightroom Classic CC, change projection methods for different visual results, and automate your workflow to save time. Rich also performs the same tasks in Lightroom CC—the alternative to Lightroom Classic—and integrates Photoshop features such as Content-Aware Fill and third-party filters.

Topics include:

  • Shooting strategies for panoramas
  • Organizing photos in Lightroom Classic CC
  • Starting Panoramic Photo Merge
  • Merging raw files
  • Changing your projection method
  • Creating an HDR panorama
  • Invoking Camera Raw as a filter

Creating Panoramas with Lightroom : Video Lessons

  • Creating panoramic images with Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic1m 46s
  • Before watching this course54s
  • Exercise files1m 10s
  • Lightroom CC or Lightroom Classic, which should I use?54s
  • Shooting strategies for panoramic photos4m 45s
  • Essential panoramic equipment5m 49s
  • Making do with what you have2m 50s
  • Manually sorting after import3m 9s
  • Automatically stacking based on shoot time2m 46s
  • Organizing panoramas with collections and stacks4m 16s
  • Making initial adjustments to correct orientation2m 54s
  • How Lightroom is different from Photoshop Photomerge7m 10s
  • Required metadata and properties in order to merge2m 50s
  • When should you develop a panoramic image?2m 5s
  • Starting the panoramic Photomerge process2m 27s
  • Analyzing the preview image1m 59s
  • Creating the final merge3m 40s
  • Correcting lens issues with lens profiles2m 49s
  • Refining the panoramic image with Boundary Warp2m 9s
  • Using camera profiles with the profile browser2m 15s
  • Organization and naming strategies for raw files6m 2s
  • Merging raw images in Lightroom Classic5m 12s
  • Developing the new DNG file4m 51s
  • Removing ghosts and echoes with the Spot Removal tool3m 15s
  • Invoking upright to fix perspective issues3m 18s
  • Modifying the crop after the merge4m 14s
  • Why use different methods of projection?1m 18s
  • The auto method4m 41s
  • The perspective method5m 50s
  • The cylindrical method3m 38s
  • The spherical method8m 59s
  • An overview of the shooting process1m 51s
  • Merging HDR panoramic images and creating a stack2m 56s
  • Developing the merged file1m 56s
  • An advanced HDR example3m 21s
  • Additional Photoshop post-processing to remove distortion3m 1s
  • Filling in missing areas in Photoshop1m 29s
  • Finalizing the photo4m 42s
  • Key differences between Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic for panoramic photographers1m 41s
  • Importing and organizing your panoramic photos2m 13s
  • Invoking the Photomerge command3m 55s
  • Developing the panoramic image in Lightroom CC4m 6s
  • Advanced strategies to refine a panoramic image in Lightroom CC5m 31s
  • Additional editing tools3m 47s
  • The Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop handoff4m 16s
  • The Creative Cloud connection3m
  • Using the Adaptive Wide Angle command2m 38s
  • Using Content-Aware Fill to fill in missing areas2m 4s
  • Advanced healing and cloning in Photoshop to remove ghosts and echoes3m 18s
  • Invoking Camera Raw as a filter2m 39s
  • Third-party filters to enhance panoramic photos: Luminar2m 45s
  • Third-party filters to enhance panoramic photos: Perfectly Clear3m 17s
  • Sending the image back to your Lightroom Catalog2m 3s
  • Conclusion25s

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