Creating Painted Metal in Substance Designer

Creating Painted Metal in Substance Designer

Creating Painted Metal in Substance Designer is an Intermediate level course on 3D + Animation, crafted by the creator, Joel Bradley. This course is an essential foundation for a person who needs to excel in his/her 3D + Animation talent. It gives you a thorough grip on 3D + Animation, Photography, Lighting, Video, Materials, Textures, Substance Designer, 3D + Animation, Photography, Lighting, Video, Materials, Textures and Substance Designer.

Free Download - Creating Painted Metal in Substance Designer
Author Joel Bradley
Publish Date 12/24/2015
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 5m
Topic 3D + Animation
Video Tutorials 25
Last Update N/A

Walk through the creation of a fully procedural “painted metal” material in Substance Designer. The finished material can be output as either a set of finished bitmaps or an easy-to-use and highly configurable Substance package, which can be used in offline render engines such as mental ray and V-Ray or real-time engines such as Unreal Engine and Unity. Joel Bradley has designed this set of tutorials to take you from start to finish, from creating the details and diffuse coloration, to building depth and texture with normal and roughness maps, to adding the final touches that will allow the material to be fully customized by future texture artists.

Topics include:

  • Creating pitted and dented details
  • Adding and blending in scratches
  • Breaking up the surface with normal maps
  • Creating a roughness map
  • Adding an ambient occlusion effect
  • Exposing parameters to create variation and customize the material

Creating Painted Metal in Substance Designer : Video Lessons

  • Welcome2m 16s
  • What you should know before watching this course1m 18s
  • Using the exercise files3m 28s
  • Overview of scene setup4m 2s
  • Creating pitted detail2m 59s
  • Warping the pitted detail3m 1s
  • Creating our dent tile3m 54s
  • Distributing our dents4m 3s
  • Building in some scratches3m 19s
  • Blending and inverting the scratches2m 43s
  • Adding color to the mix3m 14s
  • Building some dirt2m 30s
  • Finishing and applying our dirt mask3m 53s
  • Creating the normal maps3m 15s
  • Blending the normal maps2m 19s
  • Creating the roughness map, part 12m 45s
  • Creating the roughness map, part 22m 54s
  • Adding the ambient occlusion and metallic maps3m 11s
  • Exposing parameters, part 14m 55s
  • Exposing parameters, part 24m 14s
  • What next?1m 4s

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