Creating Illustrator Infographics

Creating Illustrator Infographics

Creating Illustrator Infographics is an Intermediate level study on Design, created by the author, Tony Harmer. This study is an absolute pillar for an individual who needs to excel in his/her Design skills. It gives you a strong understanding on Design, Illustration, Infographics, Web, Illustrator, Design, Illustration, Infographics, Web and Illustrator.

Free Download - Creating Illustrator Infographics
Author Tony Harmer
Publish Date 7/19/2019
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 23m
Topic Design
Video Tutorials 49
Last Update N/A

Infographics are everywhere. These data-driven illustrations visualize your data and help to tell the story behind it. In this course, Tony Harmer shows how to design charts, graphs, and other infographic components in Adobe Illustrator. He explains how to develop your core skills—including the ability to customize standard charts and manage large documents—and reveals the key components of a great information design. He then takes you through the various types of charts and graphs that you can use in infographic production, before wrapping with some tips for exporting your final product and sourcing and refining your data.

Topics include:

  • Infographic skills
  • Wireframing
  • Choosing the colors and graph type
  • Creating styles
  • Using symbols
  • Creating a timeline
  • Building different kinds of charts and graphs
  • Extending Illustrator charts
  • Exporting your infographics
  • Working with data

Creating Illustrator Infographics : Video Lessons

  • Illustrator infographics54s
  • Prerequisite advice2m 51s
  • What are infographics?1m 8s
  • Infographics: How to get started1m 21s
  • Considerations for the design phase2m 46s
  • Infographic skills: An overview1m 29s
  • Document settings for infographics2m 41s
  • Creating a columnar layout3m 10s
  • Build wireframing helpers3m 24s
  • Benefits of wireframing1m 20s
  • Choosing colors4m 18s
  • Choosing type2m 15s
  • Creating type styles2m 17s
  • Using graphic styles1m 48s
  • Using opacity and clipping masks4m 12s
  • Using symbols3m 18s
  • Dynamic symbols2m 29s
  • Symbolism tools4m 29s
  • Nine-slice scaling2m 25s
  • Isometric projections2m 20s
  • Callouts and pointers2m 47s
  • Creating a timeline4m 16s
  • Anatomy of a chart3m 23s
  • Using data with Illustrator2m 43s
  • Column and bar charts4m 14s
  • Stacked columns and bars2m 37s
  • Pie and bubble charts3m 23s
  • Line graphs3m 15s
  • Area graphs2m 33s
  • Scatter plots3m 25s
  • Radar plots3m 46s
  • Combining chart types3m 52s
  • Creating a column design6m 10s
  • Creating a data marker4m 14s
  • Creating a donut chart3m 24s
  • Creating a radial bar chart6m 28s
  • Creating a Nightingale rose chart2m 44s
  • Creating a ribbon bar chart4m 56s
  • Spreadsheet apps as a starting point3m 2s
  • Assembling a layout with linked files3m 43s
  • Print1m 44s
  • Digital1m 6s
  • SVG2m 42s
  • Online data sources2m 17s
  • Companion tools1m 54s
  • Pivot tables4m 5s
  • Handy references1m 35s
  • Other useful courses1m 29s
  • Connecting with the author1m

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