Creating Dreamscapes: The Magic Orb

Creating Dreamscapes: The Magic Orb

Creating Dreamscapes: The Magic Orb is an Intermediate level tutorial on Design, written by the author, Bert Monroy. This tutorial is an absolute base for an individual who needs to sharpen his/her Design talent. It provides you a strong understanding on Design Techniques, Masking + Compositing, Design, Digital Painting, Photography, Photoshop, Design Techniques, Masking + Compositing, Design, Digital Painting, Photography and Photoshop.

Free Download - Creating Dreamscapes: The Magic Orb
Author Bert Monroy
Publish Date 3/23/2015
Skill Intermediate
Duration 58m 19s
Topic Design
Video Tutorials 12
Last Update N/A

In Dreamscapes, artist Bert Monroy takes unexciting photos and transforms them into amazing dream sequences using Photoshop’s powerful tools. This installment focuses on compositing elements from many different sources (photos from a European vacation, beach shots, even stills extracted from video) into a scene featuring a magic orb located on a remote island and guarded by a ferocious demon. Recreate the artwork along with Bert or use his techniques to bring your own dreams to life.

Creating Dreamscapes: The Magic Orb : Video Lessons

  • Introduction to the project2m 6s
  • Selecting and compositing the beach6m 10s
  • Compositing the island and mist6m 45s
  • Adding in the sky3m 24s
  • Adding in the ship and smaller boat5m 29s
  • Creating the magic orb and glow3m 2s
  • Adding the reflection of the glow onto the island4m 31s
  • Creating the demon head8m 3s
  • Adding the head into the composite2m 52s
  • Creating and adding the demon hands9m 37s
  • Adding in the bats4m 9s
  • Adding the final touches2m 11s

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