Creating Distressed and Vintage Photo Effects with Photoshop

Creating Distressed and Vintage Photo Effects with Photoshop

Creating Distressed and Vintage Photo Effects with Photoshop is an Intermediate level course on Photography, created by the creator, Seán Duggan. This course is an essential base for an individual who needs to sharpen his/her Photography expertise. It gives you a thorough grip on Masking + Compositing, Photography, Photoshop, Masking + Compositing, Photography and Photoshop.

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Author Seán Duggan
Publish Date 1/16/2015
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 53m
Topic Masking + Compositing
Video Tutorials 36
Last Update N/A

Sometimes a photo conveys a more powerful message if it’s less than perfect. In this course, photographer and educator Seán Duggan shows how to use Photoshop to create vintage and distressed photo effects.

After reviewing the kinds of things that make a photo look old—fading, chemical deterioration, physical damage, and so on—Sean shows how to re-create those effects in Photoshop. He also explores other facets of vintage photography, from lens distortion to light leaks, and shows how to simulate them. The course concludes with details on adding texture and border effects to your finished photos.

Topics include:

  • Understanding what causes a distressed look
  • Aging an image
  • Creating a sepia-tone effect
  • Adding blur
  • Transforming light-leak effects
  • Creating a faded-color effect
  • Adding texture with reference images and blend modes

Creating Distressed and Vintage Photo Effects with Photoshop : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 3s
  • What you should know before taking this course45s
  • Using the exercise files54s
  • Causes from the photographic process4m 31s
  • Causes from the developing and printing processes3m 13s
  • Fading, deterioration, and damage2m 19s
  • Analyzing the tonal characteristics of old images2m 5s
  • Converting a color image to black and white5m 32s
  • Using Levels and Curves for faded and low-contrast effects6m 35s
  • Creating a sepia-tone effect6m 46s
  • Using Hue/Saturation to emulate a faded effect5m 31s
  • Adjusting focus to emulate a vintage image9m 50s
  • Focus falloff with Iris Blur8m 5s
  • Focus distortion with Spin Blur and Radial Blur8m 20s
  • Uneven focus with the Field Blur filter6m 51s
  • Long-exposure motion-blur effects4m 14s
  • Creating a tilt-shift-focus effect2m 59s
  • Adding noise after a blur effect5m 18s
  • Creating uneven light through vignetting7m 49s
  • Using gradients for a light-leak effect6m 1s
  • Transforming light-leak effects3m 58s
  • Using layer masks and filters with light leaks8m 9s
  • Saving a light-leak effect as a separate file4m 57s
  • Creating a faded-color effect7m 40s
  • Creating a cross-processed color effect6m 48s
  • Where textures fit in the imaging workflow1m 25s
  • Building an archive of texture photos3m 3s
  • Using blend modes to combine textures and images7m 2s
  • Using the Adobe Paper Textures Pro panel6m 6s
  • Creating composite layers from multiple blend-mode effects5m 40s
  • Combining a photo with a vintage-image border6m 25s
  • Combining images for custom distressed effects7m 59s
  • Exporting textures and borders from apps to use in Photoshop4m 56s
  • Next steps1m 8s

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