Creating a Short Film: 09 VFX Environments

Creating a Short Film: 09 VFX Environments

Creating a Short Film: 09 VFX Environments is an Intermediate level course on 3D + Animation, compiled by the creator, Chad Perkins. This course is an absolute step for a person who needs to get better at his/her 3D + Animation skills. It provides you a thorough grip on 3D + Animation, Filmmaking, Shooting Video, Photography, Video, Visual Effects, After Effects, mocha, 3D + Animation, Filmmaking, Shooting Video, Photography, Video, Visual Effects, After Effects and mocha.

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Author Chad Perkins
Publish Date 3/18/2019
Skill Intermediate
Duration 7h 12m
Topic 3D + Animation
Video Tutorials 71
Last Update N/A

In the 13-part Creating a Short Film series, filmmaker Chad Perkins showcases what it actually takes to create a short film—from the brainstorming stage, all the way until opening night. In this installment of the series, Chad focuses on VFX, detailing how to use key tools like After Effects (AE) and Mocha Pro to create a compelling, believable world for your film. He covers the basics of compositing and keying, goes over how to remove objects with both AE and Mocha Pro, and discusses how to make CG scenery. Plus, learn how to create an aerial shot, rotoscope your characters, shoot with an awareness of post, and more.

Topics include:

  • Approximating believable realities
  • Creating a great key
  • Keying impossible shots
  • Tracking in After Effects (AE)
  • Removing objects with AE and Mocha Pro
  • Making CG scenery
  • Creating an aerial shot
  • Preparing a Cinema 4D file for AE compositing
  • Rotoscoping characters
  • Shooting VFX shots

Creating a Short Film: 09 VFX Environments : Video Lessons

  • About this training series3m 4s
  • The Assurance7m 44s
  • Introduction to this course2m 13s
  • About the third-party plugins used1m 20s
  • Dealing with the exercise files1m 56s
  • Understanding compositing3m 38s
  • An overview of creating computer-generated (CG) images3m 22s
  • Approximating believable realities2m 4s
  • Making things perfectly imperfect2m 51s
  • Intro to keying: Keylight11m 32s
  • Intro to keying: Primatte5m 56s
  • Tips for pulling a great key4m 54s
  • Keying fine details8m 23s
  • Creating a luma key11m 18s
  • Keying impossible shots5m 7s
  • Getting perfect edges14m 48s
  • Painting the alpha channel4m 13s
  • Combining takes for the best performance4m 26s
  • Tracking in After Effects (AE)15m 24s
  • Tracking in Mocha6m 29s
  • Removing blemishes digitally7m 2s
  • Removing objects with After Effects, part 113m 46s
  • Removing objects with After Effects, part 221m
  • Removing objects with Mocha Pro9m 10s
  • Making CG scenery3m 26s
  • An overview of VUE xStream4m 31s
  • Creating canyons in VUE xStream10m 3s
  • Creating a plan and shooting the footage4m 46s
  • Making the campfire elements8m 37s
  • Creating glowing embers9m 38s
  • Cleaning up the footage6m 37s
  • Combining the elements, part 1: Assembling7m 5s
  • Combining the elements, part 2: Compositing11m 22s
  • Making the smoke trail in Trapcode Particular14m 43s
  • Changing the time of day11m 58s
  • Why did we create this shot?3m 47s
  • Using normal maps on Golhatn's helmet7m 28s
  • Modeling the candlesticks6m 25s
  • Creating the melted candles7m 32s
  • Adding materials to the objects7m 45s
  • Lighting the scene12m 5s
  • Preparing the Cinema 4D file for AE compositing6m 20s
  • Creating flickering candlelight with Particular12m 33s
  • Adding depth of field in After Effects10m 34s
  • Enhancing the smoke in the scene4m 45s
  • Adjusting the mood by changing the color7m 20s
  • Creating a strategy1m 44s
  • Finding or making a clean plate8m 11s
  • Rotoscoping out the characters10m 22s
  • Polishing the composite3m 33s
  • Examining the plan for the scene4m 19s
  • Editing the VUE renders4m 51s
  • Creating matte paintings3m 16s
  • Art directing footage of clouds4m
  • Understanding focal length and lens properties3m 21s
  • Compositing with smoke and fog4m 23s
  • Anatomy of shot 137m 43s
  • Animating Golhatn in Cinema 4D and After Effects4m 8s
  • Animating subtle camera moves in post4m 9s
  • Should you shoot VFX outdoors or indoors?1m 41s
  • Shooting an even green screen2m 11s
  • Using practical lights to supplement VFX3m 22s
  • Shooting with an awareness of post2m 43s
  • Using a VFX supervisor1m 29s
  • Getting better at visual effects3m 18s
  • Previewing the next course1m 29s
  • Final thoughts1m

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