Creating a Photo Book with iBooks Author

Creating a Photo Book with iBooks Author

Creating a Photo Book with iBooks Author is an Intermediate level tutorial on Photography, produced by the author, Richard Harrington. This tutorial is an absolute step for a person who needs to get better at his/her Photography expertise. It provides you a strong understanding on Photography, Sharing Photos, iBooks Author, Photography, Sharing Photos and iBooks Author.

Free Download - Creating a Photo Book with iBooks Author
Author Richard Harrington
Publish Date 5/18/2017
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 30m
Topic iBooks Author
Video Tutorials 40
Last Update N/A

Apple iBooks Author offers a way to grow your reach and influence with the photo community and prospective clients. In this course, learn how to use the iBooks Author app to create electronic books that you can share with others, and optionally distribute through the iBooks Store. These books can contain photos, video, audio, and text—giving you great options as a storyteller. Rich Harrington provides an overview of the platform, and takes you through the complete process, from planning to design and distribution, including the consideration of pricing strategies. He explains how to prepare your book assets, set up your book and its structure, and work with photos. He also shows how to add hyperlinks, audio, and video, and finalize your work.

Topics include:

  • Preparing a book’s assets
  • Tips on writing
  • Using an EPUB template
  • Setting up a book’s structure
  • Working with photos for a book
  • Adding video and audio to a page
  • Adding hyperlinks to a book
  • Finalizing a book
  • Distributing a book

Creating a Photo Book with iBooks Author : Video Lessons

  • What you’ll learn in this course2m 7s
  • Exercise files49s
  • An overview of the Apple iBooks platform3m 10s
  • Key benefits of digital publishing for photographers3m 36s
  • Tips on writing5m
  • Using an EPUB template2m 48s
  • Optimizing your photos2m 35s
  • Recording audio for your book4m 19s
  • Optimizing audio or video for iBooks Author5m 8s
  • Choosing an orientation for your book2m 49s
  • Considerations when choosing a template6m 11s
  • Adding your assets to the Media Browser3m 44s
  • Setting document metadata2m 46s
  • Connecting an iPad to preview your work3m 23s
  • Importing and organizing text7m 58s
  • Determining the table of contents3m 19s
  • Creating additional photo based layouts4m 14s
  • Adding a chapter opener3m 43s
  • Adjusting an image’s appearance within iBooks Author4m 36s
  • Adding a gallery widget3m 42s
  • Setting a photo’s placement and wrap2m 59s
  • Spreading an image over multiple pages3m 4s
  • Enabling full screen images4m 1s
  • Creating an interactive image4m 15s
  • Adding video to a page4m 39s
  • Adding audio to a page1m 42s
  • Using the Media widget and setting layout options7m 4s
  • Adding hyperlinks4m 36s
  • Proofing strategies1m 55s
  • Testing the book on a Mac8m 7s
  • Testing the book on an iPad2m 29s
  • Sharing an unpublished book3m 9s
  • Exporting a PDF from iBooks Author2m 27s
  • Selling with the iBooks Store2m 22s
  • Submitting a book to the iBooks Store9m 8s
  • Getting an ISBN number3m 16s
  • Why free may be your best option in the iBooks Store1m 36s
  • Using iTunes Connect to manage your book4m 1s
  • Getting promo codes for your book for reviewers and influencers3m
  • Next steps1m 1s

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