Compositing an Alien Portal in NUKE

Compositing an Alien Portal in NUKE

Compositing an Alien Portal in NUKE is an Intermediate level study on 3D + Animation, created by the creator, Steve Wright. This study is an essential foundation for an individual who needs to excel in his/her 3D + Animation talent. It gives you a strong understanding on 3D + Animation, Compositing, Photography, Video, Visual Effects, Nuke, 3D + Animation, Compositing, Photography, Video, Visual Effects and Nuke.

Free Download - Compositing an Alien Portal in NUKE
Author Steve Wright
Publish Date 10/14/2015
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 20m
Topic 3D + Animation
Video Tutorials 28
Last Update N/A

Practice your NUKE compositing skills while you build something truly out of this world: an alien portal. In this project, VFX compositing guru Steve Wright uses footage shot with a RED camera, a CG-rendered character, and a matte painting—assets included with the exercise files. He composites the character into the scene, and then uses camera tracking to create a solve for laying in the portal and portal rays—effects created from scratch with NUKE’s Noise node. Finally, he shows how to color correct the shot and add interactive lighting effects.

Each step of the process is rich in valuable production techniques, but is best for artists who are already familiar with NUKE. For more training on the basics, see Nuke X Essential Training.

Topics include:

  • Compositing the alien character
  • Creating holdout mattes
  • Camera tracking
  • Animating the portal rays
  • 3D rendering the effects
  • Adding interactive lighting
  • Animating a flashing light
  • Finishing a NUKE composite

Compositing an Alien Portal in NUKE : Video Lessons

  • Welcome2m 23s
  • Using the exercise files1m 13s
  • Compositing the mantis2m 30s
  • Adding the mantis shadows6m 10s
  • Pillar holdout matte7m
  • Camera tracking preparations3m 53s
  • Camera tracking3m 27s
  • Placing the line-up card7m 38s
  • Creating the portal ray animation5m 17s
  • 3D render of the portal rays4m 29s
  • Adding gravity waves3m 24s
  • Creating the inner ring animation9m 54s
  • Creating the outer ring animation6m 36s
  • Adding the portal city7m 14s
  • 3D render of the portal effect5m 24s
  • Trimming the portal to the ground4m 45s
  • Creating a high-density point cloud4m 14s
  • Lining up the pillar card5m 9s
  • Creating a stabilized preview3m 30s
  • Creating the pillar masks6m 56s
  • Adding the pillar lighting3m 45s
  • Adding the ground glow5m 28s
  • Creating the flashing light animation7m 34s
  • Flashing light on the mantis3m 59s
  • Animating the flashes5m 5s
  • Final mantis color and glow effects5m 42s
  • Adding the blue ceiling light3m 36s
  • Final touches4m 21s

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