Cold Calling Mastery

Cold Calling Mastery

Cold Calling Mastery is an Beginner level tutorial on Business, created by the author, Miles Croft. This tutorial is an important foundation for an individual who needs to get better at his/her Business talent. It gives you a strong understanding on Business, Business Skills, Marketing, Business, Business Skills and Marketing.

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Author Miles Croft
Publish Date 2/19/2020
Skill Beginner
Duration 1h 26m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 51
Last Update N/A

Cold calling is a powerful way to generate sales and leads. However, picking up the phone to sell to a stranger can be daunting. Using this course, you can learn how to do cold calling the right way. Sales professional and prospecting coach Miles Croft offers practical tips and tricks to identify what is truly important to your lead, stay motivated and track your targets, structure a call, overcome rejection or objections, and get the most out of technology. The lessons are tailored to be practical, easy, and fun, so you’ll be ready to get started right away testing out your new skills. No more fear of picking up the phone, or wondering why leads aren’t buying. After this course, you will look forward to calling new customers—and get the satisfaction of hearing a “yes.”

This course was created by Miles Croft. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

Topics include:

  • Increasing your cold calling conversions
  • Identifying your most profitable leads
  • Overcoming fears of making calls and getting rejected
  • Acquiring vital customer information
  • Staying motivated on slow and tough days
  • Building rapport over the phone
  • Measuring your personal stats and performance

Cold Calling Mastery : Video Lessons

  • Get over the fear of cold calling40s
  • The right mindset49s
  • The unfortunate truth31s
  • Various techniques1m 26s
  • What is a salesperson's talent?1m 31s
  • The big three3m 15s
  • Get confident38s
  • Worst or best case scenario2m 13s
  • Tip 1: Swallow the frog1m 34s
  • Tip 2: Always have a reason2m 36s
  • Tip 3: Gamification1m 31s
  • Tip 4: They're humans too1m 35s
  • Personalize it1m 15s
  • Be prepared1m 16s
  • Research them2m 50s
  • Your environment: Notes and calendar3m 47s
  • Why have an elevator pitch?2m 9s
  • Five pitch must-haves and FAB7m 9s
  • Don’t underestimate the power of preparation43s
  • Dealing with the gatekeepers39s
  • Who they are, and their role1m 39s
  • Five methods4m 2s
  • Be nice but creative21s
  • Introduction and tips1m 9s
  • Opening and hook2m 36s
  • Bridge and qualifying1m 43s
  • Close1m 56s
  • Closing advice on scripts and structure1m 25s
  • Introduction and why1m 24s
  • What is BUNTA?5m 48s
  • The most important question1m 37s
  • Open questions1m 1s
  • My secret Post-it1m 47s
  • Put it all together52s
  • How to deal with rejection and objection55s
  • Get over it1m 1s
  • Getting around it and types of no2m 27s
  • Peel the onion2m 9s
  • Feel, felt, found2m 55s
  • Wrap up and asking why44s
  • Aftercare38s
  • Getting the next step2m 15s
  • My best source of leads2m 34s
  • Relationships, CRM, and permission3m 31s
  • Minimize time wasted28s
  • Top three recap1m 48s

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