Coding for Visual Learners: Learning JavaScript from Scratch

Coding for Visual Learners: Learning JavaScript from Scratch

Coding for Visual Learners: Learning JavaScript from Scratch is an Beginner level course on Web, written by the author, Engin Arslan. This course is an important base for a person who needs to excel in his/her Web skills. It provides you a strong understanding on Web, Web Graphics, JavaScript, Web, Web Graphics and JavaScript.

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Author Engin Arslan
Publish Date 11/16/2018
Skill Beginner
Duration 5h 4m
Topic JavaScript
Video Tutorials 48
Last Update N/A

Completely new to coding? This engaging course can help you pick up the popular JavaScript programming language, as well as a programming library called p5.js. As instructor Engin Arslan steps through the basics of JavaScript—discussing everything from operators to arrays—he focuses primarily on programming using JavaScript and p5.js and secondarily on creating visuals. And in contrast to many traditional coding courses, all of the content covered here is presented in a fun, compelling manner that helps visual learners grasp the material. To wrap up the course, Engin shows how to use your new coding skills to build an interactive game that can be deployed online.

Topics include:

  • Why learn JavaScript?
  • Data types in JavaScript
  • Color functions in p5.js
  • Operators and variables
  • Conditional statements
  • Loops, functions, and objects
  • Working with arrays
  • Events

Coding for Visual Learners: Learning JavaScript from Scratch : Video Lessons

  • Getting started1m 39s
  • Why learn JavaScript?2m 3s
  • Learning JavaScript with p5.js3m 8s
  • Environment setup3m 27s
  • Getting started with JavaScript3m 20s
  • Variables6m 22s
  • Data types in JavaScript5m 17s
  • Getting started with p5.js12m 35s
  • Coordinate system in p5.js6m 13s
  • Color functions in p5.js5m 25s
  • Setting the color of the shapes8m 6s
  • Operator precedence3m 33s
  • Variables, continued4m 19s
  • Variable scope5m 24s
  • Predefined variables in p5.js6m 1s
  • frame, frameRate, frameCount8m 51s
  • Conditionals5m 51s
  • Else block8m 59s
  • mouseIsPressed4m 16s
  • mouseX and mouseY4m 17s
  • For loop7m 57s
  • Nested loops3m 54s
  • Random function6m 18s
  • Noise function3m 50s
  • Creating functions7m 31s
  • Return keyword6m 57s
  • Introduction to JavaScript objects5m 54s
  • Object methods and the 'this' keyword7m 55s
  • Constructor function11m 4s
  • Working with arrays11m 21s
  • Array.length property6m 58s
  • Remainder operator8m 11s
  • mousePressed event function2m 57s
  • keyPressed event function10m 24s
  • Rotate and translate6m 17s
  • Push and pop functions6m 3s
  • Let's build a game6m 45s
  • Creating a number object8m 9s
  • Animating text3m 59s
  • Player interaction11m 18s
  • Player feedback17m 38s
  • Restarting the game4m 13s
  • Improving the player experience19m 14s
  • Fixing bugs5m 12s
  • Congratulations5m

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