Cloth Simulation: 3ds Max

Cloth Simulation: 3ds Max

Cloth Simulation: 3ds Max is an Intermediate level tutorial on 3D + Animation, created by the creator, Joel Bradley. This tutorial is an important base for a person who needs to sharpen his/her 3D + Animation expertise. It gives you a thorough grip on 3D + Animation, Character Animation, Photography, Video, Visual Effects, 3ds Max, 3D + Animation, Character Animation, Photography, Video, Visual Effects and 3ds Max.

Free Download - Cloth Simulation: 3ds Max
Author Joel Bradley
Publish Date 3/31/2014
Skill Intermediate
Duration 3h 20m
Topic 3D + Animation
Video Tutorials 40
Last Update N/A

The Cloth system in 3ds Max allows you to create realistic garments and fabrics, from T-shirts to tablecloths. This course, from author Joel Bradley, provides a deep dive into cloth simulation in 3ds Max, giving you the information you need to tackle your own project. Joel examines the effect of scale on cloth behavior, the impact different mesh subdivision types can make on your model, and the function and options behind the Cloth modifier, the heart of the Cloth system. He also shows how to set up and control behaviors like bend and curve, U and V Stretch, Density, Thickness, and Friction. Plus, discover how to work with groups and constraints and create effects like wet cloth and tearable cloth.

This course was created and produced by Joel Bradley. We are honored to host this content in our library.

Topics include:

  • Comparing mesh subdivisions
  • Adding the Cloth modifier
  • Adjusting options like panels, seams, and faces
  • Setting up and controlling cloth behaviors
  • Working with constraints like Preserve, Surface, and Sticky Cloth
  • Applying forces to cloth
  • Controlling cloth quality

Cloth Simulation: 3ds Max : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 58s
  • What you should know1m 29s
  • Exercise files1m 5s
  • 3ds Max project structure2m 58s
  • Overview of cloth tools6m 26s
  • The importance of scale in cloth behavior4m 42s
  • Mesh subdivision: Comparing the favorites5m 37s
  • Other useful subdivision methods7m 48s
  • Garment Maker basics: Pattern setup6m 54s
  • Garment Maker basics: Adding the Cloth modifier6m 8s
  • Avoiding the history dependancy trap5m 31s
  • Cloth modifier sub-object modes: Panels7m 8s
  • Cloth modifier sub-object modes: Seams4m 58s
  • Cloth modifier sub-object modes: Faces3m 54s
  • The Simulate Local buttons8m 48s
  • Selected Objects Manipulation: Part one3m 59s
  • Selected Objects Manipulation: Part two4m 52s
  • Understanding the Cloth modifiers workflow6m 20s
  • Setting up collision object properties6m 13s
  • Using the Cloth presets4m 36s
  • Using the bend and curve options5m 47s
  • Defining Cloth properties: U and V Stretch6m 12s
  • Defining Cloth properties: Density and Damping6m 11s
  • Defining Cloth properties: Plasticity and Thickness3m 39s
  • Defining Cloth properties: Dynamic and Static Friction4m 26s
  • Defining Cloth properties: U and V Scale4m 27s
  • What groups are and how they work3m 5s
  • The group management buttons5m 3s
  • The Node and Sim Node constraints4m 38s
  • The Preserve constraint4m 30s
  • The Surface constraint4m 3s
  • The Sticky Surface and Sticky Cloth constraints6m 2s
  • Pressurizing the cloth5m 21s
  • Creating wet cloth4m 46s
  • Applying forces to cloth5m 33s
  • Creating tearable cloth6m 32s
  • Subsamples6m 6s
  • Self-collisions and intersections4m 55s
  • Optimizing collision meshes5m 27s
  • What's next?2m 36s

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