Cinematography: Maya

Cinematography: Maya

Cinematography: Maya is an Beginner level tutorial on 3D + Animation, created by an expert, Aaron F. Ross. This tutorial is an essential pillar for anyone who needs to sharpen his/her 3D + Animation talent. It provides you a thorough grip on 3D + Animation, Animation, CAD, Photography, Video, Rendering, Visual Effects, Maya, 3D + Animation, Animation, CAD, Photography, Video, Rendering, Visual Effects and Maya.

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Author Aaron F. Ross
Publish Date 2/17/2014
Skill Beginner
Duration 3h 43m
Topic 3D + Animation
Video Tutorials 55
Last Update N/A

While Maya’s cameras offer you a tremendous amount of creative freedom (even more than real-world cameras), their controls can be complex. This course helps you learn how to expertly adjust them. Aaron F. Ross covers viewport display, controlling orthographic cameras, framing shots, editing with the Camera Sequencer, simple and compound camera moves, and many different special effects. Start now and learn how to expertly position and animate cameras in your Maya projects and give your audience a window into your 3D world.

Topics include:

  • Getting the most out of viewport cameras
  • Controlling camera attributes such as clipping planes
  • Setting display options such as Resolution Gate
  • Adjusting focal length and field of view
  • Previz editing with the Camera Sequencer
  • Setting rotation order for predictable camera animation
  • Animating simple camera moves such as pan and dolly
  • Mastering compound moves such as crane and handheld shots
  • Understanding the Film Back attributes
  • Achieving isometric and tilt-shift effects
  • Projecting a texture from a camera
  • Rendering depth-of-field and rack-focus effects

Cinematography: Maya : Video Lessons

  • Welcome47s
  • Using the exercise files2m 2s
  • Working with the perspective viewport camera3m 10s
  • Undoing camera movements3m 19s
  • Using the Zoom tool1m 28s
  • Using the Fly Tool2m 38s
  • Displaying and moving orthographic cameras4m 17s
  • Setting clipping plane attributes2m 56s
  • Hiding the ViewCube3m 23s
  • Using bookmarks for alternative orthographic views5m 3s
  • Creating new preset orthographic views1m 17s
  • The importance of renderable cameras1m 55s
  • Creating a Camera and Aim3m 4s
  • Increasing Locator Scale2m 41s
  • Moving the Camera and Aim4m 12s
  • Enabling the Resolution Gate4m 21s
  • Setting display options3m 14s
  • Creating node presets in the Attribute Editor4m 52s
  • Framing shots7m 3s
  • Adjusting focal length and the field of view7m 38s
  • Locking attributes2m 40s
  • Setting drawing overrides and hiding connectors3m 54s
  • Using a manipulator to set clipping planes4m 27s
  • Understanding the Camera Sequencer3m 43s
  • Creating shots5m 16s
  • Adding image planes4m 35s
  • Moving and trimming shots3m 22s
  • Ripple editing and stretching time3m 9s
  • Creating an ubercam5m 13s
  • Playblasting a sequence4m 17s
  • Choosing the right camera for the job4m 51s
  • Avoiding common pitfalls in camera animation4m 9s
  • Rotating in Gimbal mode4m 42s
  • Setting rotation order in the transform node5m 24s
  • Animating a pan and a truck5m 45s
  • Keying a truck in only one axis7m 13s
  • Animating a tilt and a pedestal3m 29s
  • Animating a dolly and a zoom5m 57s
  • Animating a truck-pan move5m 36s
  • Animating a pedestal-tilt move1m 52s
  • Animating a zolly, or zoom-dolly, move3m 23s
  • Animating a crane shot5m 22s
  • Animating a handheld camera shot9m 42s
  • Animating an aerial shot with an editable motion trail6m 18s
  • Using the default Turntable camera4m 14s
  • Rendering an isometric view5m 32s
  • Projecting a texture from a camera4m 34s
  • Understanding the Film Back7m 43s
  • Emulating a view camera for tilt-shift effects3m 56s
  • Adding distance blur with Depth of Field4m 32s
  • Measuring with the Distance Tool4m 1s
  • Animating a rack-focus effect4m 34s
  • Goodbye57s

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