Changing a Background for Dramatic Effect in Photoshop

Changing a Background for Dramatic Effect in Photoshop

Changing a Background for Dramatic Effect in Photoshop is an Intermediate level study on Photography, produced by the creator, Chris Orwig. This study is an essential foundation for anyone who needs to sharpen his/her Photography skills. It gives you a thorough grip on Masking + Compositing, Photography, Portraits, Photoshop, Masking + Compositing, Photography, Portraits and Photoshop.

Free Download - Changing a Background for Dramatic Effect in Photoshop
Author Chris Orwig
Publish Date 2/4/2014
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 10m
Topic Masking + Compositing
Video Tutorials 15
Last Update N/A

In this course, the first in a series dedicated to creative portrait adjustments, Chris Orwig shows how to swap out the background of a portrait with something new. This technique is similar to photo illustration and can result in some really striking and visually interesting photographs. Chris begins in Camera Raw, where he creates multiple exposures of the original raw file and combines them in a PSD file, and then moves to Photoshop to mask the subject and copy the mask into the new background. In the second half of the course, he’ll show you how to make the subject look at home in her new environment using Edge Glow; brightness, color, and tone adjustments; and lens flares.

Topics include:

  • Combining multiple exposures in one Photoshop file
  • Selecting and removing the subject from the background
  • Using masking to combine images together
  • Improving color, details, and tone

Changing a Background for Dramatic Effect in Photoshop : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m
  • Using the exercise files42s
  • Editing the background image7m 7s
  • Improving and duplicating the portrait6m 40s
  • Combining two raw files into one Photoshop document2m 47s
  • Selecting and removing the subject from the background10m 2s
  • Using masking to combine images together4m 5s
  • Cropping the image and cleaning up mask edges6m 53s
  • Adding a glow effect5m 55s
  • Improving the brightness5m 37s
  • Enhancing color and tone5m 51s
  • Retouching away distractions3m 3s
  • Adding a lens flare effect4m 40s
  • Final adjustments and overall project review5m 34s
  • Next steps51s

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