Cert Prep: OneNote 2010 Microsoft Office Specialist (77-853)

Cert Prep: OneNote 2010 Microsoft Office Specialist (77-853)

Cert Prep: OneNote 2010 Microsoft Office Specialist (77-853) is an Intermediate level tutorial on Business, crafted by the creator, Julie Sheets. This tutorial is an absolute base for a person who needs to excel in his/her Business talent. It provides you a thorough grip on Business, Note Taking, Productivity, OneNote, Business, Note Taking, Productivity and OneNote.

Free Download - Cert Prep: OneNote 2010 Microsoft Office Specialist (77-853)
Author Julie Sheets
Publish Date 12/8/2016
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 55m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 39
Last Update N/A

Demonstrate your knowledge of OneNote 2010 by becoming a Microsoft Office Specialist. In this course, Microsoft Office Specialist Julie Sheets helps you prepare for the OneNote 2010 MOS certification exam (77-853) by covering the three main areas of the test: managing the OneNote environment, organizing and finding notes, and sharing and collaborating.

Julie begins with an overview of the certification program and the exam preparation process, and then walks you through all of the certification objectives. Get hands-on experience with downloadable practice files and take the challenges exercises to practice for the exam. It also provides a review of each challenge to give you a chance to see where you may need more focus in preparation for the exam.

Topics include:

  • Creating a OneNote notebook
  • Managing the OneNote environment
  • Creating links within OneNote
  • Managing OneNote history and backups
  • Collaborating in OneNote
  • Working with OneDrive
  • Sharing notebooks

Cert Prep: OneNote 2010 Microsoft Office Specialist (77-853) : Video Lessons

  • Welcome59s
  • Who should take this course50s
  • Using the exercise files40s
  • Compare Microsoft Office Specialist certifications1m 17s
  • MOS exam objectives and registration45s
  • MOS exam preparation and testing for OneNote 20101m 57s
  • Create a OneNote 2010 notebook1m 50s
  • Add sections and pages in OneNote 20103m 53s
  • Copy, delete, and merge in OneNote 20106m 15s
  • Add content to notebooks in OneNote 20104m 18s
  • Manage content in OneNote 20104m 34s
  • Capture information with side notes in OneNote 20102m 42s
  • Subpages and section groups in OneNote 20106m 36s
  • Challenge18s
  • Solution3m 4s
  • Change page options in OneNote 20108m 40s
  • Personalize page setup in OneNote 20107m 22s
  • Use page templates in OneNote 20106m 54s
  • Set display options and work with views in OneNote 20108m 44s
  • Proofing, language, and research in OneNote 20107m 21s
  • Set notebook options in OneNote 20107m 19s
  • Link data in OneNote 20104m 29s
  • Use tags in OneNote 20106m 16s
  • Search OneNote 20105m 46s
  • Use page versions and backups in OneNote 20106m 11s
  • Work with notebooks and SharePoint in OneNote 20104m 22s
  • Protect OneNote data in OneNote 20105m 6s
  • Collaborate in OneNote 20106m 41s
  • Use drawing tools in OneNote 20106m 17s
  • OneNote 2010 and OneDrive (SkyDrive)3m 49s
  • Invite others to a notebook in OneNote 20104m 21s
  • Share OneNote 2010 data with others6m 47s
  • Use Quick Filing in OneNote 20105m 19s
  • Customize Send To options in OneNote 20104m 50s
  • Next steps26s

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