Cert Prep LPIC-1 Exam 102 (Version 5.0)

Cert Prep LPIC-1 Exam 102 (Version 5.0)

Cert Prep LPIC-1 Exam 102 (Version 5.0) is an Intermediate level study on Business, produced by the creator, Grant McWilliams. This study is an important base for a person who needs to excel in his/her Business expertise. It gives you a thorough grip on Business, IT, Operating Systems, Linux, Business, IT, Operating Systems and Linux.

Free Download - Cert Prep LPIC-1 Exam 102 (Version 5.0)
Author Grant McWilliams
Publish Date 3/16/2020
Skill Intermediate
Duration 5h 21m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 104
Last Update N/A

Earning the LPIC-1 certification—a distribution-neutral Linux certification—shows potential employers that you have the real-world skills needed to excel as a Linux administrator. In this course, Grant McWilliams covers what you need to know to ace LPIC-1 exam 102, version 5.0. Grant reviews topics that correspond to each exam objective. Learn about shells and shell scripting; managing user and group accounts; using cron and systemd timers to run jobs at regular intervals and at specific times; setting the system date, time, and time zone; locate and interpret system log files; perform basic network troubleshooting; and more. Plus, he provides tips and tricks for successfully taking the exam.

Cert Prep LPIC-1 Exam 102 (Version 5.0) : Video Lessons

  • Welcome54s
  • What you should know1m 53s
  • About the LPIC 1 exam3m 25s
  • Install CentOS 74m 56s
  • Centos 7 Lab setup5m 4s
  • Set environment variables6m 42s
  • Bash functions for frequent tasks6m 11s
  • Bash aliases as shortcuts3m 13s
  • Set command search path3m 29s
  • Maintain skeleton directories2m 9s
  • Introduction to Bash2m 9s
  • What is a shell script?3m 57s
  • Execute compound commands5m 59s
  • Use Command and Variable substitution6m 21s
  • Conditional flow with if, then if3m 12s
  • Conditional flow with case2m 21s
  • Iterate with for loops2m 42s
  • Iterate with while loops1m 30s
  • Using return codes6m 32s
  • Create a monitor script3m
  • X11 architecture2m 57s
  • About desktop environments3m 38s
  • Assistive technologies4m 41s
  • Override specific aspects of Xorg configuration4m
  • About remote desktop protocols5m 38s
  • Display applications on remote X servers3m 38s
  • Add and removing users4m 44s
  • Modify users4m 57s
  • Manage groups2m 35s
  • Manage special purpose and limited accounts2m 31s
  • Awareness of shadow passwords4m 31s
  • Change default password policies7m 4s
  • Individual user account settings4m 57s
  • Reccuring user jobs using cron3m 56s
  • Reccuring system jobs using cron2m 33s
  • Configure user access to cron and at services1m 40s
  • Systemd timer units3m 38s
  • Set the system date, time, and timezone5m 17s
  • Configure locale settings and environment variables5m 39s
  • Install and start chrony2m 3s
  • Configure chrony server5m 39s
  • Configure chrony client1m 52s
  • Use cryonyc1m 49s
  • Using ntpd for serving time4m 10s
  • Locate and interpret system log files4m 57s
  • Read the system journal3m 23s
  • Configuration of logrotate2m 33s
  • Filter journal data by criteria1m 25s
  • Rsyslog actions1m 41s
  • Clear old systemd journal data2m 33s
  • Retrieve systemd journal data from a rescue system2m 18s
  • About syslog, rsyslog, and syslog-ng3m 32s
  • About email2m 49s
  • How email works41s
  • Knowledge of common MTA programs3m 7s
  • Install Postfix1m 5s
  • Manage access to Postfix2m 25s
  • Configure a local mail server5m 18s
  • Create email aliases2m 5s
  • Forward mail as a user1m 22s
  • Configure local and remote printers with CUPS6m 10s
  • Troubleshoot general printing problems1m 2s
  • Manage user print jobs2m 54s
  • About private and public "dotted quad" IP addresses2m 54s
  • Network masks and CIDR notation5m 24s
  • Common TCP and UDP ports and services2m 8s
  • Differences and major features of UDP, TCP, and ICMP2m 18s
  • Knowledge of the major differences between IPv4 and IPv61m 45s
  • Gather network information4m 20s
  • Manual network interface configuration3m 32s
  • Configure networking using Network Manager5m 14s
  • Configure networking using the GUI2m 46s
  • Awareness of systemd-networkd2m 44s
  • About routing1m 9s
  • View the routing table1m 19s
  • Manually configure routing using iproute22m 6s
  • Debug problems associated with the network configuration6m 54s
  • Query remote DNS servers5m 16s
  • Configure local name resolution with remote DNS servers2m 51s
  • Modify the order in which name resolution is done2m 31s
  • Debug errors related to name resolution2m 57s
  • About systemd-resolved2m 7s
  • Use Nmap and netstat to audit network services3m 59s
  • Set up limits on users1m 55s
  • Determine which users have logged in1m 54s
  • Basic sudo configuration and usage3m 28s
  • Find suid/sgid files4m 33s
  • About TCP wrappers5m 33s
  • Perform basic OpenSSH 2 client configuration2m 42s
  • About OpenSSH 2 server host keys3m 32s
  • Perform basic GnuPG configuration and revocation3m 44s
  • Use GPG to encrypt, decrypt, sign, and verify files1m 41s
  • SSH port tunnels5m 35s
  • Taking the exam1m 41s

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