Cert Prep: LPIC-1 Exam 101 (Version 5.0)

Cert Prep: LPIC-1 Exam 101 (Version 5.0)

Cert Prep: LPIC-1 Exam 101 (Version 5.0) is an Intermediate level tutorial on Business, created by the creator, Grant McWilliams. This tutorial is an absolute base for a person who needs to sharpen his/her Business expertise. It provides you a strong understanding on Business, IT, Operating Systems, Linux, Business, IT, Operating Systems and Linux.

Free Download - Cert Prep: LPIC-1 Exam 101 (Version 5.0)
Author Grant McWilliams
Publish Date 1/30/2020
Skill Intermediate
Duration 7h 14m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 118
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Jump-start your career as a Linux administrator by earning the LPIC-1 certification. This popular distribution-neutral Linux certification shows potential employers that you can work effectively at the Linux command line and perform key maintenance tasks. Each exam objective relates to real-world job skills, which are determined through job search analysis data. In this course, Grant McWilliams covers what you need to know to take and pass LPIC-1 exam 101, version 5.0. Grant shows how to manage software with dpkg and APT, configure Linux as a virtualized guest, set the systemd targets, manage process priority using command-line tools, and much more. Along the way, he provides opportunities to test your knowledge with assessment questions.

Topics include:

  • Using Grub
  • Working with the acpid service
  • Managing systemd services
  • Managing software with dpkg and APT
  • Red Hat package installation using YUM
  • Linux as a virtualized guest
  • Working with cloud-init
  • Raising or lowering process priorities
  • Using regular expressions to edit text
  • File permissions and ownership
  • Creating partitions and file systems

Cert Prep: LPIC-1 Exam 101 (Version 5.0) : Video Lessons

  • Get ready for LPIC-158s
  • What you should know1m 53s
  • About the LPIC-1 exam2m 49s
  • CentOS 7 install4m 56s
  • CentOS 7 lab setup5m 55s
  • Ubuntu 19.04 install4m 32s
  • Enable/disable integrated hardware2m 16s
  • Determine hardware resources6m 4s
  • Working with USB devices3m 8s
  • About sysfs, udev, and D-Bus2m 52s
  • Manage kernel modules5m 2s
  • Manual network configuration3m 32s
  • Configure networking using NetworkManager5m 13s
  • Understand the Linux boot process2m 5s
  • Using GRUB5m 57s
  • Create a custom GRUB menu4m 4s
  • Updating the Linux kernel4m 13s
  • About acpid1m 11s
  • About SysVinit, systemd, and Upstart2m 32s
  • Get systemd service status3m 56s
  • Manage systemd services2m 33s
  • Make systemd services persistent1m 40s
  • About SysVinit services6m 4s
  • Change runlevels/targets3m 45s
  • Boot into the emergency target4m 13s
  • Locate and interpret system log files4m 43s
  • Reading the system journal3m 1s
  • Debian software management overview3m
  • Get package information with dpkg and APT5m 40s
  • Manage software with dpkg and APT3m 37s
  • Work with APT repositories6m 2s
  • RPM software management overview2m 20s
  • Query packages with RPM7m 14s
  • Intall and remove packages with Yum6m 59s
  • Install and remove package groups5m 42s
  • Compare cloud and virtualization concepts5m 12s
  • Types of hypervisors4m 51s
  • System images and cloud instances6m 5s
  • About containers2m 49s
  • Introduction to cloud-init4m 19s
  • Simple and compound commands5m 59s
  • Modify the shell environment6m 42s
  • Command history3m 30s
  • The PATH and command execution3m 29s
  • Named and unnamed pipes3m 58s
  • Use input-output redirection (>, >>, |, 2>, etc.)5m 2s
  • Use text filters7m 3s
  • Find files using locate4m 51s
  • Finding files with find4m 47s
  • Finding text in files with grep5m 55s
  • Select and sort processes for display7m 29s
  • Monitor active processes4m 33s
  • Send signals to processes6m 29s
  • Run a program with higher or lower priority than the default3m 13s
  • Run jobs in the foreground and background4m 18s
  • Signal a program to continue running after logout2m 1s
  • Understand the differences between basic and extended regular expressions3m 38s
  • Matching characters and words with regexes3m 5s
  • Specifying occurrences with regexes1m 56s
  • Alternation and grouping with regexes3m 21s
  • Back references and subexpressions1m 48s
  • Search text using regular expressions5m 31s
  • Use regular expressions to delete, change, and substitute text5m 16s
  • Awareness of Emacs, Nano, and Vim2m 49s
  • An introduction to Vim3m 33s
  • Edit text in Vim2m 45s
  • Search and replace in Vim2m 26s
  • File globbing and parameter expansion4m 51s
  • Understand filesystem paths4m 28s
  • Create files and dirs5m 18s
  • Copy files and dirs5m 48s
  • Move and rename files and dirs4m 59s
  • Remove files and dirs6m 2s
  • Create links to files and dirs4m 55s
  • Create and delete local user accounts4m 27s
  • Modify local user accounts4m 57s
  • Manage user passwords4m 15s
  • What is a file?2m 10s
  • Get file attributes3m 41s
  • Get extended attributes4m 13s
  • About standard Linux permissions1m 47s
  • File and directory modes1m 19s
  • File ownership4m 34s
  • Set permissions using numeric method3m 13s
  • Set permissions using symbolic method5m 16s
  • Default permissions using umask5m 51s
  • Special file bits: SUID and SGID3m 49s
  • Special directory bits: SGID and Sticky6m 26s
  • Hard drive partitioning strategies5m 43s
  • List, create, delete partitions on MBR and GPT disks5m 55s
  • Create parititons using parted3m 20s
  • Resize partitions without losing data4m 44s
  • Basic features of logical volume management (LVM)2m 10s
  • Manage LVM volumes and volume groups6m 5s
  • Extend existing logical volumes2m 48s
  • Reduce existing logical volumes3m 44s
  • Replace a physical volume3m 58s
  • Create EXT filesystems3m 25s
  • Repair EXT filesystems4m 55s
  • Mount filesystems automatically4m 13s
  • Back up and restore an EXT filesystem2m 57s
  • Basic features of Btrfs3m 25s
  • Archiving files with tar4m 41s
  • Taking the exam2m 5s

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