Cert Prep: Excel 2016 Microsoft Office Specialist (77-727)

Cert Prep: Excel 2016 Microsoft Office Specialist (77-727)

Cert Prep: Excel 2016 Microsoft Office Specialist (77-727) is an Intermediate level study on Business, compiled by the creator, Jennifer McBee. This study is an essential base for an individual who needs to get better at his/her Business skills. It provides you a strong understanding on Business, Productivity, Spreadsheets, Excel, Microsoft Office, Business, Productivity, Spreadsheets, Excel and Microsoft Office.

Free Download - Cert Prep: Excel 2016 Microsoft Office Specialist (77-727)
Author Jennifer McBee
Publish Date 12/25/2016
Skill Intermediate
Duration 3h 3m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 45
Last Update N/A

Demonstrate your advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel by becoming a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS). This course, created by Microsoft Certified Trainer Jennifer McBee, helps you prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam for Excel 2016, which focuses on creating and managing worksheets and workbooks, managing data cells and ranges, creating tables, performing operations with formulas and functions, and creating charts and objects.

The course begins with an overview of the certification program and how to prepare for the exam. Next, Jennifer walks you through all the certification objectives. Throughout the course, she provides you with opportunities for hands-on practice with exercises and chapter challenges, and wraps up with a full-length practice test that emulates exam 77-727.

Topics include:

  • Recall the steps taken to change the margins of a worksheet.
  • Explain how to repeat row and column headings when printing a document.
  • Recognize three available options when merging cells.
  • Identify the most effective way to filter and sort data in a table.
  • Recognize the order of operations used when calculating data.
  • Explain why a user might want to switch the row and column data in a chart.

Cert Prep: Excel 2016 Microsoft Office Specialist (77-727) : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m
  • Who should take this course14s
  • Using the exercise files37s
  • Using the challenges29s
  • Compare the different Microsoft Office Specialist certifications1m 35s
  • Prepare for the exam2m 33s
  • Exam format and registration process3m 18s
  • Create worksheets and workbooks7m 12s
  • Navigate in worksheets and workbooks6m 8s
  • Format worksheets and workbooks5m 46s
  • Configure page setup and headers/footers5m 23s
  • Customize options and views for worksheets and workbooks7m 3s
  • Configure worksheets and workbooks for distribution7m 10s
  • Challenge: Create and manage workbooks and worksheets1m 56s
  • Solution: Create and manage workbooks and worksheets8m 46s
  • Insert data in cells and ranges6m
  • Format cells and ranges7m 51s
  • Summarize data with conditional formatting4m 31s
  • Summarize and organize data4m 8s
  • Challenge: Manage data, cells, and ranges27s
  • Solution: Manage data, cells, and ranges3m 10s
  • Create and manage tables4m 22s
  • Manage table styles and options5m 22s
  • Filter and sort a table6m 41s
  • Challenge: Create and manage tables30s
  • Solution: Create and manage tables3m 14s
  • Summarize data by using functions6m 17s
  • Use conditional operation functions: IF and COUNTIF functions5m 18s
  • Use conditional operation functions: SUMIF and AVERAGEIF4m 37s
  • Format and modify text by using functions3m 1s
  • Combine text using functions and flash fill4m 16s
  • Challenge: Perform operations with formulas and functions27s
  • Solution: Perform operations with formulas and functions7m 9s
  • Create charts4m 47s
  • Format charts5m 50s
  • Insert and format objects5m 22s
  • Challenge: Create charts and objects26s
  • Solution: Create charts and objects3m 26s
  • Challenge: Full-length practice exam39s
  • Solution: Full-length practice exam26m 25s
  • Next steps19s

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