Cert Prep: Access 2010 Microsoft Office Specialist (77-885)

Cert Prep: Access 2010 Microsoft Office Specialist (77-885)

Cert Prep: Access 2010 Microsoft Office Specialist (77-885) is an Intermediate level study on Business, compiled by an expert, Jennifer McBee. This study is a critical base for a person who needs to excel in his/her Business skills. It provides you a strong understanding on Business, Business Intelligence, Developer, IT, Web, Databases, Productivity, Access, Business, Business Intelligence, Developer, IT, Web, Databases, Productivity and Access.

Free Download - Cert Prep: Access 2010 Microsoft Office Specialist (77-885)
Author Jennifer McBee
Publish Date 11/8/2016
Skill Intermediate
Duration 4h 1m
Topic Access
Video Tutorials 57
Last Update N/A

Demonstrate your knowledge of Access to the world—become a Microsoft Office Specialist. This course, created by Certified MOS Master Instructor Jennifer McBee, helps you prepare for the Access 2010 MOS certification exam (77-885). Review the five main areas of the Access 2010 MOS exam, including managing the Access environment, building tables, creating forms, creating and managing queries, and designing reports. Explore the MOS certification program, its cost, and its format and walk through each Access certification objective in detail. Get hands-on experience with free downloadable practice files and take the challenges to test your skills. The course wraps with a full-length, 50-minute practice exam.

Topics include:

  • Creating a new Access database
  • Applying application parts
  • Backing up a database
  • Creating new tables and fields
  • Sorting and filtering records
  • Setting primary keys
  • Importing data
  • Creating basic forms
  • Creating Access queries, including crosstab and multitable queries
  • Creating Access reports

Cert Prep: Access 2010 Microsoft Office Specialist (77-885) : Video Lessons

  • Welcome53s
  • What you should know before watching this course24s
  • Using the exercise files39s
  • Using the challenges1m 50s
  • Compare the Microsoft Office Specialist certifications1m 39s
  • Prepare for the exam2m 18s
  • Review the exam objectives and format3m 21s
  • Create a new database4m 30s
  • Manage a database6m 42s
  • Configure the Navigation pane and access options5m 5s
  • Apply application parts6m 9s
  • Backup a database2m 53s
  • ? Challenge: Create databases1m 46s
  • ? Solution: Create databases3m 25s
  • Create a new table4m 56s
  • Create and modify fields6m 24s
  • Sort and filter records4m 57s
  • Primary key4m 33s
  • Set table relationships5m 21s
  • Manage records5m 23s
  • Import data5m 31s
  • ? Challenge: Build tables28s
  • ? Solution: Build tables6m 13s
  • Create basic forms4m 51s
  • Create navigation forms and split forms4m 27s
  • Set form controls8m 15s
  • Apply headers, footers, themes, and add images6m 14s
  • Arrange objects on forms6m 37s
  • Apply backgrounds, alternate row color, and control formatting groups5m 29s
  • Format form controls6m 18s
  • ? Challenge: Create forms31s
  • ? Solution: Create forms6m 59s
  • Work with simple select queries7m 25s
  • Create multi-table queries6m 42s
  • Create crosstab queries3m 35s
  • Append query4m 3s
  • Create Make Table queries3m 8s
  • Use Total and Group By3m 25s
  • Use calculated fields in a query5m 45s
  • ? Challenge: Create queries32s
  • ? Solution: Create queries10m 46s
  • Create a report4m 55s
  • Apply Report Design tab options5m 54s
  • Control report margins and padding3m 6s
  • Apply Format tab options4m 19s
  • Apply Report Page Setup tab options3m 54s
  • Sort and filter records for reporting4m 18s
  • ? Challenge: Design Reports31s
  • ? Solution: Design Reports6m 19s
  • ? Challenge: Full-length practice exam1m 5s
  • ? Solution: Full-length practice exam25m 56s
  • Next steps41s

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