Capture One Pro 9 Essential Training

Capture One Pro 9 Essential Training

Capture One Pro 9 Essential Training is an Beginner level study on Photography, crafted by the author, Derrick Story. This study is a critical pillar for a person who needs to sharpen his/her Photography skills. It provides you a thorough grip on Photo Management, Photography, Raw Processing, Capture One Pro, Photo Management, Photography, Raw Processing and Capture One Pro.

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Author Derrick Story
Publish Date 3/4/2016
Skill Beginner
Duration 5h 49m
Topic Capture One Pro
Video Tutorials 103
Last Update N/A

Capture One Pro is a powerful program that combines photo management, photo enhancement, and raw-format conversion, as well as features for tethered shooting.

In this course, photographer, author, and educator Derrick Story embarks on an in-depth exploration of Capture One Pro. The course structure mirrors the design of the software itself, with chapters that step through each of the tabs in Capture One Pro, from organizing to editing to refining to outputting images. Derrick investigates Capture One Pro’s intuitive library structure, its robust editing tools, its tethered shooting mode for going directly from camera to computer, and its photo printing and sharing features, including options for creating web pages and slideshows straight from Capture One Pro. These tutorials are ideal for former Aperture users who are looking for a new photo editing application, as well as current Lightroom subscribers who are interested in Capture One Pro’s more powerful import, color grading, and tethering features.

Topics include:

  • Choosing the right version of Capture One Pro
  • Setting preferences
  • Creating catalogues
  • Importing images
  • Organizing images in projects, albums, and groups
  • Adjusting color
  • Converting to black and white
  • Using levels and curves to adjust exposure
  • Cropping, rotating, and flipping
  • Reducing noise and sharpening
  • Adding metadata in Capture One Pro
  • Exporting images from Capture One Pro
  • Working with Aperture and Lightroom catalogs
  • Shooting in tethered mode
  • Making local adjustments with Capture One Pro
  • Making prints
  • Backing up Capture One Pro catalogs

Capture One Pro 9 Essential Training : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 3s
  • What is Capture One Pro?1m 58s
  • System requirements2m 23s
  • Using the exercise files2m 54s
  • Which version is right for you?1m 11s
  • Which file types are compatible?3m 33s
  • Differences between Mac and Windows versions4m 43s
  • Explore the Capture One user interface4m
  • Set initial preferences4m 53s
  • Catalog vs. session: How are they different?2m 7s
  • Create the first catalog2m 18s
  • Handle RAW and JPEG files on your memory card1m 19s
  • Import images from a memory card6m 34s
  • Import images from a SSD or hard drive3m 35s
  • Switch viewer modes1m 23s
  • Explore the Library pane4m 56s
  • Explore user collections1m
  • Set up a group1m 27s
  • Create a project1m 7s
  • Add albums and smart albums3m 44s
  • Add a project to an existing group1m 19s
  • System for applying star ratings3m 55s
  • Set a compare variant4m 9s
  • Set up a blue label smart album1m 15s
  • Filter pictures using various criteria3m 19s
  • Explore a referenced catalog4m 45s
  • What to do with the Color tab2m 4s
  • Set base characteristics1m 46s
  • Adjust white balance6m 57s
  • Play with color balance4m 16s
  • Convert to black and white4m 4s
  • What is the Color Editor?2m 47s
  • Use the Exposure sliders3m 46s
  • Understanding high dynamic range adjustments2m 56s
  • Use levels3m 9s
  • Use curves4m 18s
  • Apply clarity to an image5m 30s
  • Using the vignetting tool2m 31s
  • Copy and paste adjustments2m 48s
  • Use the Crop tool6m 59s
  • Cropping can influence your rating2m 29s
  • Apply Rotation & Flip2m 3s
  • Eliminate the keystone effect5m 31s
  • Use overlays to visualize a layout2m 9s
  • Use the Navigator1m 29s
  • Adjust focus3m 17s
  • Add sharpening4m 18s
  • Apply noise reduction3m 12s
  • Add film grim5m 38s
  • Eliminate moire pattern57s
  • Use Spot and Dust Removal tool2m 56s
  • Overview of the Metadata tab58s
  • Add IPTC information2m 34s
  • Create a metadata preset4m 17s
  • Apply a metadata preset to mulltiple images1m 56s
  • Stack metadata presets2m 17s
  • How the keyword library works1m 9s
  • Add keywords to one or more images3m 13s
  • Apply parent/child keyword groups2m 9s
  • Search by keywords2m 55s
  • Import and export keyword libraries2m 24s
  • The two methods for export2m 34s
  • Use the Export command for one or more photos4m 20s
  • Tour the Output tab2m 19s
  • Use a process recipe4m 37s
  • Create a custom process recipe3m 34s
  • Output in multiple formats5m 6s
  • Confirm the correct output location2m 19s
  • Prepare to import a managed Aperture library3m 50s
  • Import a managed Aperture library2m 39s
  • Review an Aperture managed library import6m 6s
  • Move master files from an Aperture library to a Capture One catalog3m 39s
  • Import a referenced Aperture library3m 28s
  • Aperture import review2m 24s
  • Prepare to import a Lightroom catalog2m 29s
  • Import a Lightroom catalog3m 51s
  • Lightroom catalog import review2m 52s
  • Set up a tethered shoot session4m 1s
  • Capture tethered images via Capture One6m 4s
  • Review shoot results4m 22s
  • Import session images into a managed catalog4m 7s
  • Tether directly into a managed catalog3m 29s
  • Tour of the Local Adjustments tab3m 38s
  • Brushing tools and their settings5m 55s
  • Use the Gradient Mask tool2m 53s
  • Fine tune a portrait with local adjustments7m 42s
  • Improve a product shot with local adjustments4m 54s
  • Styles and presets3m 21s
  • Create and apply a preset3m 31s
  • Create and apply a style5m 40s
  • Stack styles and presets1m 43s
  • Use built-in styles3m 5s
  • Rename images individually or via batch processing4m 50s
  • Export select images as a catalog3m 5s
  • Import catalogs into a master catalog2m 44s
  • Make a web contact sheet4m 53s
  • Make a print6m 6s
  • Play a slide show2m 58s
  • Customize your user interface3m 57s
  • Lock a catalog3m 46s
  • Verify a catalog's integrity1m 59s
  • Back up a catalog4m 51s
  • Next steps3m 36s

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