Capture One Pro 20 Essential Training

Capture One Pro 20 Essential Training

Capture One Pro 20 Essential Training is an Beginner level study on Photography, produced by the creator, Derrick Story. This study is an absolute pillar for an individual who needs to sharpen his/her Photography expertise. It gives you a thorough grip on Photography, Raw Processing, Retouching and Capture One Pro.

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Author Derrick Story
Publish Date 3/16/2020
Skill Beginner
Duration 3h 24m
Topic Capture One Pro
Video Tutorials 62
Last Update N/A

Capture One Pro is a complete digital photo management and editing application for professional photographers and serious enthusiasts. Photographers who appreciate outstanding raw processing, expert color control, and logical organization should consider Capture One Pro for its comprehensive feature set. In this course, instructor and pro photographer Derrick Story helps you learn the basics quickly, then takes you deeper into the application to master its finer points. For seasoned users, Derrick also explains all the new features in version 20, and shares tips to ensure your workflow is as efficient as possible. Learn how to use the complete set of global editing tools, including exposure and color controls; layers and masks; localized adjustments; lens corrections; multiple export options; customizable workspaces; and much more.

Topics include:

  • Working with the new Crop tool
  • Importing and organizing images
  • Applying exposure and color adjustments
  • Sharpening photos and reducing noise
  • Working with layers
  • Creating masks
  • Refining color
  • Managing your collection
  • Copying and pasting adjustments
  • Customizing the Capture One Pro interface

Capture One Pro 20 Essential Training : Video Lessons

  • Manage and improve your photos with Capture One Pro 2057s
  • Minimum software requirements2m 37s
  • What’s new in Capture One Pro 20?3m 35s
  • The new Crop tool2m 30s
  • Working with the sample files3m 44s
  • Strengths of Capture One Pro3m 55s
  • Application shortcomings3m 34s
  • Types of photography for which Capture One Pro is best suited2m 52s
  • Reaching the final decision3m 18s
  • Importing images4m 54s
  • Organizing files into projects and albums3m 56s
  • Rating photos and focusing on your best work3m 53s
  • Apply basic image edits3m 46s
  • Exporting photos3m 22s
  • Adjusting tones Exposure panel4m 9s
  • Recovering detail in the High Dynamic Range panel3m 48s
  • Addressing midtones in the Levels panel1m 58s
  • Setting foundation color profiles in the Base Characteristics panel3m 20s
  • Adjusting color in the White Balance panel4m 8s
  • Improving quality with lens correction4m 37s
  • Fixing a slanted horizon2m 28s
  • Options for examining detail in an image3m 14s
  • Adding clarity to an image3m 20s
  • Applying sharpening while editing in the Details tab4m 16s
  • Applying sharpening while exporting a photo3m 14s
  • Reducing noise2m 57s
  • Spot Removal and Sensor Dust Control2m 7s
  • Working with layers4m 9s
  • Reviewing layer options3m 51s
  • Creating a gradient linear mask3m 49s
  • Using a radial gradient mask for a better vignette2m 58s
  • Exploring the Mask Refinements menu3m 13s
  • Applying localized edits with a brush4m 13s
  • Creating a Luma Range mask for easy selection3m 13s
  • Working in the Basic tab of the New Color Editor4m 22s
  • Using the Advanced tab of the Color Editor4m 14s
  • Using the Skin Tone tab of the Color Editor for portraits5m 54s
  • An easy way to use Color Balance4m 12s
  • Creating a color preset1m 45s
  • Applying Color Normalization2m 37s
  • Converting an image to B&W2m 52s
  • Tapping styles for unique color renderings2m 13s
  • Fine-tuning User Collections for maximum efficiency4m 33s
  • Strategies for Star Ratings and Color Labels3m 42s
  • Tapping the brilliance of filters to find photos4m 23s
  • Creating and using Smart Albums4m 40s
  • Sorting images and using global filters2m 26s
  • Understanding the Folders panel3m 31s
  • Creating new catalogues and switching among them3m 25s
  • Renaming images1m 55s
  • Deleting photos and managing the Trash3m 23s
  • Strategies for backing up work4m 30s
  • Copy and apply adjustments1m 53s
  • Setting an image as compare4m 7s
  • Customizing keyboards shortcuts3m 54s
  • Changing the look of the workspace3m 3s
  • Enabling Auto Hide for thumbnails and tools2m 3s
  • Adjusting the background color1m 16s
  • Moving the tools to the right side of the Viewer1m 12s
  • Customizing the toolbar1m 33s
  • Using a slideshow to view your work2m 11s
  • Next steps2m 26s

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