Capture NX 2 Essential Training

Capture NX 2 Essential Training

Capture NX 2 Essential Training is an Beginner level study on Photography, created by the creator, Ben Long. This study is a critical pillar for an individual who needs to excel in his/her Photography skills. It provides you a thorough grip on Photography, Raw Processing, Capture NX2, Photography, Raw Processing and Capture NX2.

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Author Ben Long
Publish Date 2/23/2012
Skill Beginner
Duration 5h 38m
Topic Capture NX2
Video Tutorials 84
Last Update N/A

In this course, photographer and teacher Ben Long shows how to use the Nikon Capture NX2 photo-editing software to perform nondestructive sharpening, white balancing, tonal and color corrections, and more. The course covers how to set preferences and define an efficient postproduction workflow, how to perform and automate a wide variety of image edits, how to work with RAW files, and how to get the best results when printing.

Topics include:

  • Exploring the Capture NX2 interface
  • Navigating an image library with ViewNX, an alternative browser
  • Cropping, straightening, and rotating an image
  • Correcting contrast with Levels and Curves
  • Boosting and balancing color
  • Correcting color with Quick Fix versus Adjust
  • Performing localized editing with U Point Control Points
  • Making selections with the Selection Brush
  • Converting images to black and white
  • Colorizing or toning black-and-white images
  • Reducing and enlarging images for print
  • Adding localized sharpening
  • Saving your work
  • Soft proofing and printing

Capture NX 2 Essential Training : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 20s
  • Using the exercise files34s
  • Defining a post-production workflow3m 39s
  • Overview of the Capture NX interface5m 45s
  • Keyboard basics3m 52s
  • Capture NX 2 and your camera55s
  • Setting up Nikon Transfer6m 49s
  • Navigating in Capture NX4m 29s
  • Rating and filtering8m 31s
  • Metadata and keywords6m 39s
  • Metadata templates7m 18s
  • Comparing images2m 20s
  • Using ViewNX, an alternative browser4m 46s
  • Defining an image editing workflow2m 28s
  • Cropping4m 39s
  • Straightening and rotating2m 46s
  • Non-destructive editing and the Edit List7m 39s
  • Camera and lens correction7m 18s
  • Auto Retouch brush3m 56s
  • Saving your work: understanding the Nikon Electronic Format (NEF)3m 37s
  • A word about NEF compression4m 19s
  • Customizing your workspace2m 14s
  • Understanding RGB4m 10s
  • Defining tone5m 38s
  • Understanding the histogram8m 32s
  • Quick Fix4m 52s
  • Correcting contrast with Levels7m 28s
  • Correcting contrast with Curves6m
  • Correcting tone with black, neutral, and white control points4m 34s
  • Using the Double Threshold tool5m 59s
  • Contrast/Brightness2m 30s
  • D-Lighting2m 58s
  • Tonal correction using LCH2m 47s
  • More tonal correction examples9m 48s
  • More on the Edit List5m 13s
  • Quick Fix vs. Adjust: the Edit List revisited2m 16s
  • Saturation/Warmth3m 5s
  • Color Booster2m 40s
  • Color Balance2m 1s
  • More on the neutral control point4m 57s
  • Adjusting color using Levels and Curves7m 45s
  • Color correction using LCH4m 23s
  • Contrast: Color Range1m 57s
  • Configuring editing preferences2m 15s
  • Photo effects1m 7s
  • What is RAW and why should you care?2m 47s
  • Adjusting white balance4m 38s
  • Highlight recovery4m 59s
  • Picture controls2m 49s
  • Noise reduction4m 34s
  • Using Capture NX with non-Nikon raw files2m 43s
  • Introducing control points8m 27s
  • More on control points5m 17s
  • Advanced control point options2m 24s
  • The Selection brush4m 48s
  • The Lasso and Fill tools4m 16s
  • The Selection Gradient tool4m 42s
  • The Selection Control Point tool4m
  • Control point management2m 21s
  • How to convert to black and white4m 4s
  • Localized editing of black-and-white images4m 11s
  • Selective black-and-white conversion3m 41s
  • Colorizing or Toning1m 49s
  • Adding grain2m 2s
  • Photo effects for black and white1m 56s
  • Creating multiple versions5m 34s
  • Copying edits from one image to another3m 43s
  • The Batch menu5m 38s
  • Batch processing from the Capture NX browser1m 6s
  • Size and resolution7m 19s
  • Fit Photo2m 4s
  • Reducing an image3m 3s
  • Enlarging an image4m 10s
  • Sharpening8m 17s
  • Localized sharpening3m 54s
  • High-pass sharpening3m 7s
  • Color management overview3m 29s
  • Levels output sliders1m 58s
  • Soft proofing6m 35s
  • Printing3m 4s
  • Goodbye40s

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