Captivate 9: Advanced Techniques

Captivate 9: Advanced Techniques

Captivate 9: Advanced Techniques is an Intermediate level tutorial on Business, produced by an expert, Pooja Jaisingh. This tutorial is an essential base for a person who needs to excel in his/her Business talent. It gives you a strong understanding on Business, Higher Education, Instructional Design, Education + Elearning, Elearning, Captivate, Business, Higher Education, Instructional Design, Education + Elearning, Elearning and Captivate.

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Author Pooja Jaisingh
Publish Date 12/19/2016
Skill Intermediate
Duration 3h 18m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 48
Last Update N/A

Add some advanced elearning course-creation techniques to your toolkit by taking a deep dive into Captivate 9. Follow Pooja Jaisingh as she demonstrates how to leverage Captivate 9 features to create interactive and compelling content. Explore how to use events, multistate objects, variables, and advanced actions to guide the learning flow. In addition, discover how to take advantage of the program’s more sophisticated features, like advanced quizzing, lightboxes, and natural-sounding text-to-speech generation, and observe how to enable accessibility for Captivate courses.

Topics include:

  • Adding custom states to objects
  • Using built-in states for interactive objects
  • Creating and using variables
  • Creating standard, conditional, and shared actions
  • Adding external animations
  • Creating and saving custom effects
  • Adding knowledge check questions
  • Randomizing quiz questions
  • Converting slide notes to text to speech
  • Using VTML tags
  • Adding closed captions
  • Setting up a custom workspace
  • Using keyboard shortcuts

Captivate 9: Advanced Techniques : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 25s
  • What you should know34s
  • Using the exercise files58s
  • Introduction to actions2m 9s
  • Introduction to events4m 7s
  • Adding custom states to objects4m 35s
  • Using built-in states for interactive objects4m 49s
  • Applying actions to change states3m 27s
  • Introduction to variables57s
  • Types of variables2m 13s
  • Creating and using variables4m 4s
  • Introduction to advanced actions2m 8s
  • Creating a standard action4m 54s
  • Creating a conditional action4m 51s
  • Creating a shared action4m 47s
  • Adding external animations5m 40s
  • Applying timeline-based effects9m 9s
  • Applying trigger-based effects2m 30s
  • Applying effects to a group of objects3m 29s
  • Creating and saving custom effects2m 15s
  • Screen with a lightbox5m 36s
  • Click-play audio2m 49s
  • Drag and drop interaction5m 4s
  • Click-reveal interaction4m 29s
  • Drag and redrag interaction5m 16s
  • Forced navigation8m 48s
  • Forced linear navigation5m 38s
  • Decision-based branching8m 15s
  • Score-based progress bar14m 27s
  • Enabling the Submit All option4m 42s
  • Assigning partial and negative scores4m 39s
  • Creating branched quizzes4m 55s
  • Adding knowledge check questions4m 18s
  • Adding pre-test questions4m 43s
  • Randomizing quiz questions4m 28s
  • Importing GIFT format questions1m 15s
  • Converting slide notes to text to speech4m 43s
  • Managing text to speech for entire project47s
  • Using VTML tags3m 49s
  • Enabling accessibility1m 33s
  • Adding accessibility text2m 15s
  • Setting the tab order1m 33s
  • Adding closed captions5m 27s
  • Setting up a custom workspace3m 48s
  • Photoshop roundtripping6m 5s
  • Asset optimization4m 42s
  • Keyboard shortcuts4m 16s
  • Next steps53s

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