Camtasia 9 for Windows: Advanced Techniques

Camtasia 9 for Windows: Advanced Techniques

Camtasia 9 for Windows: Advanced Techniques is an Advanced level tutorial on Business, produced by the author, Corbin Anderson. This tutorial is an important step for an individual who needs to excel in his/her Business skills. It gives you a strong understanding on Business, Education + Elearning, Elearning, Camtasia, Business, Education + Elearning, Elearning and Camtasia.

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Author Corbin Anderson
Publish Date 1/11/2017
Skill Advanced
Duration 2h 56m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 52
Last Update N/A

In this course, Corbin Anderson helps you pick up some sophisticated techniques for capturing and editing movies with Camtasia. As he deconstructs a Camtasia project, Corbin helps familiarize you with the features available in Camtasia 9. View advanced options for capturing your story, including using your smartphone to create media on the go, and optimizing Camtasia settings for your workflow. Organize your project with the media bin and library, polish your movie with audio enhancements, animations, icons, and callouts, and make use of advanced options for producing and sharing your story.

Topics include:

  • Advanced microphone options
  • Exploring Camtasia Studio preferences
  • Making edits during a recording
  • Organizing the media bin
  • Building an asset library
  • Extending a frame
  • Making use of Google Drive
  • Advanced marker techniques
  • Advanced behavior modification
  • Adding reusable assets to your library
  • Blurring sensitive information
  • Removing a green screen
  • Transcoding files for compatibility
  • Replacing a troublesome track

Camtasia 9 for Windows: Advanced Techniques : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 5s
  • Before watching this course1m 1s
  • Using the exercise files1m 21s
  • Advanced microphone options2m 57s
  • Exploring Camtasia Studio preferences2m 55s
  • Marking edits during a recording2m 24s
  • Organizing the Media Bin1m 58s
  • Taking a first pass2m 2s
  • Building an asset library1m 57s
  • Making use of assets4m 25s
  • Extending a frame2m 53s
  • Making use of Google Drive2m 14s
  • Advanced grouping3m 59s
  • Advanced marker techniques2m 38s
  • Advanced behavior modification5m 7s
  • Creating advanced annotations3m 30s
  • Copying and pasting effects and properties2m 19s
  • Adding a reusable asset to your library3m 16s
  • Blurring sensitive information4m
  • Resetting experiments gone awry2m 53s
  • Effectively rearranging stack order2m 19s
  • Removing a green screen5m 37s
  • Advanced noise removal7m 54s
  • Advanced volume leveling5m 1s
  • Making music fit7m 12s
  • Adjusting music levels: Advanced6m 54s
  • Using the voice narration tool3m 41s
  • Patching an audio error4m 16s
  • Getting sound effects1m 59s
  • Adding sound effects5m 3s
  • Getting more out of your smartphone3m 42s
  • Capturing your smartphone screen1m 41s
  • Exploring advanced animations5m 2s
  • Enhancing icons4m 46s
  • Creating keystroke callouts3m 50s
  • Adjusting color2m 52s
  • Creating a patch cursor3m 12s
  • Fixing a cursor jump5m 53s
  • Getting a second perspective4m 38s
  • Preventing a lost project3m 17s
  • Transcoding files for compatibility4m 7s
  • Replacing a troublesome track3m 14s
  • Fixing out of sync audio4m 3s
  • Creating quality2m 22s
  • Exporting audio only1m 41s
  • Trec tricks3m 36s
  • Producing a timeline selection1m 48s
  • Creating a custom thumbnail3m 4s
  • Creating a custom preset2m 52s
  • Batch production2m 48s
  • Exporting a project2m 18s
  • Next steps58s

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