C: Data Structures, Pointers, and File Systems

C: Data Structures, Pointers, and File Systems

C: Data Structures, Pointers, and File Systems is an Intermediate level tutorial on Developer, compiled by the creator, Dan Gookin. This tutorial is an important base for an individual who needs to excel in his/her Developer skills. It gives you a thorough grip on Developer, Programming Languages, C, Developer, Programming Languages and C.

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Author Dan Gookin
Publish Date 5/1/2019
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 57m
Topic C
Video Tutorials 62
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C is a foundational language for a variety of other programming languages, as well as an up-and-coming language for embedded systems. If you’re interested in broadening your knowledge of C, then this course is for you. Join instructor Dan Gookin as he takes a deep dive into data structures, pointers, and other key topics in this essential programming language. Dan digs into a variety of programming concepts such as arrays, structures, characters, and strings. He also goes over pointers—variables that hold a memory location—explaining how to use pointers to manipulate data, do pointer math, and more. He wraps up the course by sharing a few special techniques, including how to solve math puzzles with C.

Topics include:

  • Working with arrays
  • Building a structure
  • Creating an array of structures
  • Testing characters
  • Working with strings in C
  • Using pointers to manipulate data
  • Manipulating files
  • Using command-line arguments
  • Working with time functions

C: Data Structures, Pointers, and File Systems : Video Lessons

  • Learn data structures and pointers in C53s
  • Using the exercise files1m 23s
  • Configuring the IDE2m 34s
  • Understanding arrays2m 59s
  • Working with arrays3m 5s
  • Modifying arrays3m 11s
  • Passing an array to a function3m 17s
  • Working multi-dimensional arrays3m 2s
  • Building a structure3m 23s
  • Nesting structures2m 56s
  • Creating an array of structures2m 28s
  • Sending a structure to a function3m 36s
  • Understanding a union2m 47s
  • Challenge: Presidents of the U.S.A.1m 38s
  • Solution: Presidents of the U.S.A.2m 52s
  • Using single character I/O4m 4s
  • Testing characters2m 34s
  • Working with character conversions2m 17s
  • Understanding strings in C3m 3s
  • Fetching string input3m 18s
  • Sending string output2m 46s
  • Reviewing printf() placeholders3m 8s
  • Using printf() placeholders3m 36s
  • Exploring string functions3m 29s
  • Manipulating strings3m 53s
  • Avoiding string problems2m 27s
  • Challenge: String I/O and manipulation1m 46s
  • Solution: String I/O and manipulation2m 16s
  • Understanding pointers3m 19s
  • Using pointers to manipulate data2m 28s
  • Doing pointer math2m 57s
  • Comparing arrays and pointers3m 55s
  • Allocating storage3m 15s
  • Working with a pointer array3m 38s
  • Using pointers in structures3m 30s
  • Passing pointers to functions2m 57s
  • Returning pointers2m 39s
  • Challenge: Create a pointer array54s
  • Solution: Create a pointer array2m 23s
  • Reading from a file3m 25s
  • Writing to a file3m 24s
  • Working with raw data2m 53s
  • Using random file access2m 47s
  • Manipulating files2m 57s
  • Exploring the path2m 8s
  • Reading a directory2m 53s
  • Getting file information2m 46s
  • Using command line arguments2m 44s
  • Calling the operating system2m 46s
  • Challenge: Read and store filenames1m 6s
  • Solution: Read and store filenames2m 52s
  • Solving math puzzles3m 32s
  • Creating random numbers3m 42s
  • Working with time functions3m 54s
  • Sorting data4m 8s
  • Debugging your code2m
  • Using a debugger4m 53s
  • Writing your own header file2m 53s
  • Mixing multiple source code files4m
  • Challenge: Lotto simulation1m 18s
  • Solution: Lotto simulation2m 29s
  • Next steps1m 52s

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