Building iOS Apps with CloudKit

Building iOS Apps with CloudKit

Building iOS Apps with CloudKit is an Intermediate level tutorial on Developer, produced by the author, Doron Katz. This tutorial is an important step for an individual who needs to excel in his/her Developer skills. It provides you a thorough grip on Developer, Mobile Apps, iCloud, Developer, Mobile Apps and iCloud.

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Author Doron Katz
Publish Date 4/24/2019
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 6m
Topic Developer
Video Tutorials 43
Last Update N/A

CloudKit—the back-end solution from Apple—is easy to use and cost effective compared to its competitors. Leveraging CloudKit enables developers to securely store and sync data across multiple iOS apps and devices. This course covers all the concepts involved in creating a CloudKit-powered app. Instructor Doron Katz shows how to use the dashboard and work with storage objects such as containers, databases, zones, and records. Using a hands-on project, Doron shows how to design a database schema and read and write to the cloud, as well as create entity relationships and implement subscriptions to be notified when data changes. Plus, learn about CloudKit security, testing, and debugging, and advanced concepts such as offline caching and web integration.

Topics include:

  • Enabling CloudKit
  • CloudKit architectures
  • Containers and databases
  • Designing a database schema
  • Creating, updating, and deleting data
  • Adding relationships in CloudKit
  • Subscribing to data changes
  • Managing deployments
  • Testing and debugging
  • Error handling and offline caching

Building iOS Apps with CloudKit : Video Lessons

  • Supercharge your iOS apps with CloudKit1m 2s
  • What you should know44s
  • iCloud overview3m 11s
  • The rise of MBaaS4m 10s
  • CloudKit overview3m 9s
  • Why CloudKit?2m 18s
  • Enabling CloudKit1m 7s
  • CloudKit dashboard4m 36s
  • Development and production environments1m 21s
  • Get to know the project1m 12s
  • CloudKit architecture: Containers and databases3m 31s
  • CloudKit architecture: Records and zones2m 55s
  • Containers3m 3s
  • Public, private, and shared databases1m 43s
  • Record zones, record types, and records2m 56s
  • Challenge: Custom containers32s
  • Solution: Custom containers1m 52s
  • Design a database schema1m 52s
  • Query and retrieval dashboard2m 50s
  • Query and retrieval code: Note object4m 54s
  • Query and retrieval code: MasterViewController4m 41s
  • Create and update data6m 52s
  • Delete data4m 38s
  • Challenge: Predicates49s
  • Solution: Predicates1m 57s
  • Relationships in CloudKit overview5m 45s
  • Adding a relationship in CloudKit: Fetching6m 59s
  • Adding a relationship in CloudKit: Adding8m 39s
  • Introduction to Subscriptions2m 19s
  • Subscribing to data changes7m 49s
  • Enabling push notifications1m 6s
  • Overview of CloudKit Security2m 23s
  • Adding CloudKit Security privileges3m 7s
  • Manage deployment across development and production2m 13s
  • Test and debug CloudKit3m 41s
  • Explore CloudKit web services4m 12s
  • Best practices: Data modeling4m 31s
  • Best practices: Error handling and offline caching4m 17s
  • Next steps1m 15s

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